Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Natural Hairball Treatment For Cats

Hairballs may be a common occurrence, but cats that regularly get them often have a motility or digestive problem.   Long-haired cats have more of a hairball issue than short-haired cats, but poor digestion is the biggest culprit.  Hairballs form when excessive amounts of hair accumulates in the stomach and is later coughed or vomited up. Feeding a hypoallergenic, high moisture diet (avoid dry food as cats are carnivores and the starchy carbohydrates in dry food are hard to digest) along with Power Probiotic, Lypozyme and Amazing Omegas can improve digestion and motility. Add Ask Ariel's Soothing Digestive Relief to relieve discomfort.  You can also try mixing a small amount of canned pumpkin into meals. Finally brushing your cat can also help.