Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Rescue Puppy with Giardia And Heart Disease Lives To Be 10 With Help From Natural Supplements

“My precious Romo passed away.  Romo lived to be 10 years old despite having a tough start.  He was 4 months old when I rescued him. He had Giardia, had been bitten on his leg which caused an infection, and he had a seroma from his vaccinations since they gave him all his vaccinations at the time he was neutered.  Romo was a very loving, kind and extremely smart dog. He developed dilated cardiomyopathy and kidney disease when he was about 5 years old. I changed his diet to homemade and started him on a supplement regimen which include the following products from Ask Ariel:

Purrfect Pet CoQ10 for Dogs
Power Probiotic for Pets
Kidney Health Protein Support for Pets
Resveratrol for Dogs
Renelix Dog and Cat Kidney Formula 

I believe the supplements and changing his food slowed down the progression of his heart disease and I was able to reverse his kidney disease. His kidney function and kidney values returned to normal.  His vets said he had kidneys of steel. His heart disease and kidney disease I feel did not contribute to him passing away, all blood work was normal and heart was stable.  We don't know the reason for his passing, but I miss him every day and my love for this special dog will never die.  Love you Romo, you will never be forgotten. "

Cindy F.  - Illinois