Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Stray Kitty's Allergies and Tummy Helped with Natural Supplements

"This is Kali, our stray.  She has food and environmental allergies and a sensitive tummy too. I started her on the Power Probiotic a year ago, when I found you guys, along with Lypozyme and Proaller  (I use Proaller during summer). Then added NotaSans and QuentaSans to her daily routine. She is an indoor kitty, but has access to our screened in porch. She eats novel proteins you suggested...trying to get her totally off of kibble, but a work in progress. Your products and suggestions have made her life so much better! 

Thank you for all the guidance and help you provide for the public and thank you for your wonderful products. Look at the difference 14 months makes." 

Linda, North Carolina