Friday, January 11, 2019

It’s Not Too Late… For 2019 New Year's Resolutions for Your Pet is passionate about pet nutrition and holistic care.  It is our goal to provide you with valuable pet nutrition information and effective natural supplements to keep your pets happy and healthy.  We want to do all we can to support you in achieving these healthy New Year's Resolutions in 2019.  
Diet - Review your pet’s current diet. Does it contain fillers and common allergens that are making your pet itch? Does it contain a lot of starchy carbohydrates that are causing your pet to gain weight?   Foods that are not right for your pet could be contributing to your pet's  health issues (i.e. digestive issues, skin problems or autoimmune disease).  Click here to learn more about pet nutrition
Exercise -  It's good for you and your pet. Commit to increase the amount of exercise your pet is getting. It could be an extra walk for your dog or additional play time for your kitty.
Spend More Time With Your Pet -  Pets never live as long as we want them to.  When you consider that a dog's years is roughly equivalent to 7 years of a human's---time flies.  We all have very busy schedules and can delude ourselves into thinking that our pets will be there forever.. .... but they don't.  Before you know it, your puppy or kitten is now a senior.   Spend a little more time each day to hug them, kiss them and thank them for all the wonderful joy they bring into your life and your home.  
Take Charge On Any Health Issues -  Is there something new or different that you noticed in your pet that is giving you concern?  Taking time off to visit your veterinarian can be stressful and expensive.  But, making that visit happen can end up SAVING you money because vet bills tend to be less the sooner a condition is diagnosed and certainly it's much better for your pet.  As a New Year's Resolution, contact your veterinarian now to find out when the last time your pet had laboratory testing.  Blood and urinary tests every 6 months for senior pets and every year for younger pets is essential.   

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your pet's condition is just a minor issue or due to old age.  Taking a proactive approach can not only help your pet feel better with conventional veterinary care, but most importantly holistic treatments can work most effectively at the early stages of disease.    Click here for information on holistic care for common pet health conditions.