Monday, November 5, 2018

When Was Your Pet's Last Blood Test?

It’s hard to believe the holidays are rapidly approaching. Time flies! That is why it is SO important to check your files and see when your pet last had a blood test and urine analysis. Sadly pets’ life cycles are more rapid than a human’s and if it has been more than a year for your dog for example, that is the rough equivalent of 7 years! Would you wait 7 years before having your lab tests done? Lab tests are very important because pets can have health issues cropping up without any outward symptoms. A classic example is kidney disease.  Typically, getting your senior pet's blood tested every 6 months  nd a young pet's blood tested annually is recommended by veterinarians.

Before the holidays get too crazy, please schedule a date to bring your pet to the vet. Yes it’s a hassle and yes it’s expensive —— but early detection saves lives!