Monday, August 6, 2018

Has Your Cat Been Sneezing? Home Remedies That Can Help

Has your cat been sneezing? An occasional sneeze is normal but if your kitty has ongoing sneezing, then please contact your veterinarian. Frequent sneezing is typically a sign of infection whether it be viral, fungal or bacterial. Cats with viruses such as herpes are more prone to upper respiratory infections. Cats don't have to be on antibiotics all the time. A holistic approach using a hypoallergenic low carbohydrate diet along with a few immune support supplements can be life changing.

Immune Support Kit – The Immune Support Kit is very helpful for cats with sneezing and upper respiratory infections.  It contains three tasteless liquid immune support formulas:
  • Easy to use drops (with minimal smell and taste - no alcohol)
  • Fight infections to reduce nasal discharge and sneezing
  • Clears up sinuses, nasal tract and improves breathing
  • Gentle, natural formulas that can safely be used on an ongoing basis
  • Supports your pet's own immune system to reduce viral flareups or asthma attacks
QuentaSAN and NotaSAN--Two powerful homeopathic formulas that are most effective when used together. Easy to use gentle drops that can have powerful and effective results in treating infections and relieves nasal and sinus discharge. The drops can be used long-term for immune support.

Silver Immune Support for Pets - Broad spectrum antimicrobial that can be used along with antibiotics. Safe for young kittens with upper respiratory infections too. AKA  "The Germinator"