Sunday, August 5, 2018

Bulldog's Digestive Issues Helped with Natural Remedies

"Started using the Digestive Enzymes about a month ago. Emma Grace was having mucus and loose bowels a few times a week and the Rx from vet was working but she and I both prefer more natural. Glad to say she has not had an issue in over two weeks even going through the stress of moving and a new house. I can tell her belly is better because she is digesting more (less stool) and gas is so much less." 
K. Thompson- California

Supplements that helped Emma Grace

Power Probiotic - The best probiotic for pets!  Backed by scientific research, this powerful multi-strain formula promotes the growth of friendly bacteria which helps replenish a healthy intestinal ecosystem. Helpful for any pet with digestive discomfort and most pets love the taste too!

Soothing Digestive-Gentle but effective formula for the treatment of any type of indigestion in pets. Helps with gas, loose stool, mucous in stool, tummy rumbling, diarrhea and malabsorption. Easy to administer!
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