Saturday, January 13, 2018

How Often Should You Get Labwork On Your Pets?

A visit to your veterinarian is a good way to start the new year and stay ahead of any potential problems. We humans get physicals annually. When was the last time your pet got a checkup? While estimates are approximate, one year of your life is equivalent to about 7 years of your pet's. Sadly, pets age too quickly! Think about the last time your pet had a physical exam and lab tests. If it was two years ago, that would be as if you didn't see a doctor for 14 years! Going to the vet isn't just for when your pet is sick. Pets mask their health issues and a vet visit (along with laboratory testing) is the best way to take good care of them and catch any health issues early, while still treatable.  Preventive care is much less expensive than waiting to deal with a major illness or condition and it can also save your pet from suffering.  Annual laboratory tests (blood, urine, fecal) for all pets (even young pets) provides a “baseline” which can be invaluable. For seniors, twice a year blood and urine lab testing is recommended.