Friday, January 5, 2018

Hemp CBD Oil Can Help Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Hemp-derived CBD products have been shown to be safe in dogs* (as tested and confirmed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture) and are helpful with pain management, neurological issues, cancer and many other conditions. One area CBD is showing great promise is in helping dogs with separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety can be a very difficult condition to overcome and can affect the daily life of both the pet and pet owner.  Some common signs that your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety are pacing, hyperactivity, whimpering, digestive problems, excessive barking and/or howling, and destructive behaviors. Pet owners often try various techniques to reduce the symptoms with limited success. Ideally, having someone stay home with the pet or taking the pet to a play group works best but is not always possible. Research is emerging that using a CBD hemp oil product, such as CW Paws, can help your dog relax during high-stress situations.  This natural remedy can be used to help calm a newly rescued pet that may initially be showing signs of separation anxiety as well.

Ask Ariel has found CW Paws to be very effective. Pet owners have reported, that when the correct dosage is used, their pets have a reduction in symptoms without negative side effects. CW Paws is a high-quality CBD Hemp Oil that is grown and manufactured in the United States at a FDA registered manufacturing facility.   Slowly introducing the product along with behavioral techniques such as leaving the pet alone for a short period of time and gradually increasing, can be a very effective approach.  But it's important to remember that pets with separation anxiety have often experienced prior emotional traumas and ALWAYS care should be taken to try as best as possible to leave them alone as little as you can.

* It is important to note that this is not to be confused with a marijuana based product that contains THC which can be toxic to pets and has a psychoactive response.