Thursday, October 18, 2018

What Causes Mucus in My Pet's Poop?

What does it mean if I see mucus in my pet's stool?  Usually a small amount of mucus (slimy substance that is made to help lubricate and protect the colon) is not a major reason to be concerned, but if it is abundant and frequent it may be a sign of a digestive system problem that needs to be resolved.

Common Causes Of Mucus In Poop
  • An upset stomach from eating bad food or garbage
  • Inflammation of the colon (colitis)
  • Parasites
  • Viral infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • An intestinal foreign body
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disease (such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

Your veterinarian will perform a complete examination and fecal analysis.  They may also do other lab tests, X-rays or an ultrasound if looking for a foreign object.  If your pet does have ongoing digestive issues, than a change in diet and supportive digestive supplements can really help.  

Ask Ariel's Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Kit  is a great place to start if you have a cat or small dog.

The IBD Kit includes 3 gentle, natural remedies that have been specially formulated for IBD and digestive system inflammation and have been used together to successfully help pets find relief from symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, tummy rumbling, mucus in stool, hunching over and inappetance.   The Kit includes Power Probiotic, Soothing Digestive Relief and NotaSAN Anti-Inflammatory Drops. When a pet has an upset tummy,  it is important to use a combination of supplements because they work differently to help reduce the symptoms and repair the intestinal lining.

Power Probiotic Pure, safe and natural--absolutely no fillers! Power Probiotic repopulates good intestinal flora which is essential for pets with malabsorption and digestive issues. Power Probiotic supports your pet's bowel and immune health, reducing inflammation and improving digestive discomfort.

Soothing Digestive Relief Gentle, effective formula for the treatment of any type of indigestion in pets. Helps with gas, loose stool, mucous in stool, tummy rumbling, diarrhea and malabsorption.  

NotaSAN Drops and Capsules – Natural homeopathic formula that controls inflammation and infection and helps with allergy symptoms.  Clients report improved well being overall.  Very important for pets with autoimmune conditions.  Gentle, easy to administer and safe for long-term use.  

Gastro ULC - Provides natural stomach acid relief, coating the stomach to relieve pain.  Many pets have an improved appetite after using Gastro ULC. 

K9 Digestive Enzymes (for larger dogs)- This powerful digestive enzyme is more complex than typical pet enzymes and helps pets digest protein and fats.  Contains HCL and pancreatin--two animal-based nutrients that help ensure proper digestion of protein and reduction in symptoms related to poor digestion.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Natural Remedies For Canine Osteosarcoma

What is Osteosarcoma?

Osteosarcoma is one of the most commonly diagnosed bone tumors in dogs. It tends to inflict middle to senior age, large breed dogs (Rottweiler, Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherds, Golden Retriever, etc.), but can affect any dog regardless of size or age. Osteosarcoma is aggressive and can spread rapidly to other parts of the body. The first symptom usually is intermittent lameness in their limbs and as the tumor grows it can be very painful for your dog. If your dog shows any signs of lameness, please contact your veterinarian as the symptoms can easily mimic old age or arthritis.  

Natural Supplements That Can Help:

CW Paws Hemp Extract can reduce inflammation and pain, improving mobility.  Studies have shown the effectiveness of this nutraceutical in reducing pain,  inflammation and providing immune support for cancer.   100% Organic.  Made in the USA.  With our extensive experience helping pet owners use this product with pets that have different health issues, we include detailed directions by drop and per ML for easy administration. 
To order CW Paws, please email us at and we will send you a coupon code.  We offer prompt FREE shipping on CW Paws and a 10% discount off the regular retail price of $74.99 (1 oz 30 ml).  Price:  $67.50  Easy, quick and convenient ordering.

Curcumin for Pets- is essential for dogs (and cats) with cancer as it has cancer-fighting properties and is a critical antioxidant. Curcumin for Pets absorbs best when digested with fat, especially Omega 3 fatty acids (Amazing Omegas).  Scientific studies have shown the benefits of curcumin for cancer patients.  If your pet is undergoing radiation, curcumin can protect the skin undergoing radiation.

Immune Harmony-  Immune Harmony contains plant sterols and a limited amount of antioxidants.  The product modulates the immune system, rather than overstimulating it.  While it is always best to consult the advice of your veterinarian, many clients have safely used the Immune Harmony formula along with chemotherapy.  

Resveratrol for Dogs- This powerful antioxidant acts on the process of carcinogenesis by affecting all three phases: tumor initiation, promotion and progression and suppresses the final steps of carcinogenesis.  Resveratrol For Dog also supports immune function.

Dogs with osteosarcoma need a high protein, low inflammatory cancer diet that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.   Please include your pet’s diet on the order form at checkout and we will include a few diet tips on the packing slip that comes with your supplement directions.  In addition to conventional treatments for canine osteosarcoma recommended by your veterinarian, holistic treatments such as acupuncture, laser, chiropractic and acuscope can be very helpful in relieving your dog’s discomfort and pain.

Dog Gets Rescued From Fire And Starts A New Life In Wyoming

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Meet Ruger. He is one lucky dog and has quite a story to tell. A few weeks ago, two wildfires were burning in a very rural area of Western Wyoming. Thousands of acres were burning and as smoke filled the sky, firefighters spotted a dog running from the burning embers in a heavily wooded area. Little did Ruger know that as he was running for his life, he was running toward a beautiful rainbow. Ruger was rescued and brought to a country veterinarian who knew of him. Ruger, a middle-aged dog, had been terribly neglected and was woefully thin. His coat was sparse from malnutrition which would not have protected him as this area has some of the coldest temperatures in the United States.

Unfortunately in some rural areas, where there are farms and ranches and lower populations of people, animals are often left to fend for themselves. There just aren’t the regulations and services available for animals as there are in the city. But Ruger’s fate was about to be changed forever. In spite of the sparse population, one of the most genuine and caring animal lovers just happened to reside there and went to bring in his dog Aussie to the country vet. Well…..the rest is history. Ruger now has been adopted by my wonderful brother-in-law Jeff and for the first time in his life, has a family and a warm bed. He is getting lots of good nutrition and love. We will keep you updated on Ruger’s progress (he is still very thin and needs to grow a new coat) but Ruger’s tale makes us want to throw our hats high in the air and yell out “Yee-Haw”.
Friday, October 12, 2018

Importance of Routine And Consistency For Pets

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Pets are creatures of habit and maintaining a consistent routine allows them to feel secure in their environment. Pets that do not have consistency may experience stress and anxiety  which can affect  their physical health.  Our schedules are highly varied -- we come home from work at different times and everyday is a new adventure.   However, to the extent you can try to keep your pet's feeding, sleeping, exercise and medication schedules consistent at approximately the same time each day, the better off your pet will be.  While variety may be the spice of life for people, animals are different.  Case in point:  dogs with seizures.  These pets are VERY sensitive and keeping them on a regular schedule can substantially reduce seizure frequency.
Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Best Part Of My Day.....

There is something about coming home from a long day and being greeted by your pets who are always happy to see you.  For many pet owners it's the best part of their day! 

Keep Your Black Cat Safe

.I've owned a total of four black cats in my life (not counting my foster kitty, who is the mother to my three black girls) and every one has been a real blessing. Besides, any fashionista knows if you want true beauty, you have to go with basic black.

During the month of October as Halloween approaches the dangers for black cats increase. The superstitions of "bad luck" associated with black cats may lead to them being mistreated. In order to protect them, many shelters and rescues will not even adopt out black cats during October. However, the most prevalent danger for black cats (and all pets) arise when the increase in Halloween visitors give opportunity for them to escape and face real world dangers, such as: cars, coyotes, or getting lost.   If you have a black cat please keep your kitty safe and secure especially during the month of October. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

October Is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Please open your hearts and your home to a homeless shelter dog. October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. There are millions of wonderful dogs available that can bring so much love and joy into your life. There is a myth that somehow if a pet is in a shelter it is because there is something wrong with them. In fact animals are in shelters for no fault of their own but are there due to unfortunate circumstances of their prior owner. You can find a dog or cat of any breed, size, age or color by visiting  Moreover rescues may often have first hand experience with the animal and if you fill out an application they can help you find the right fit. Thinking about adopting? Please don’t wait—-an animal’s life is depending on you. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Why Do Dogs Howl?

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Why Do Dogs Howl?
Some dogs bark, some dogs whine and some dogs howl. But why? All three are instinctive methods of communicating, but howling tends to be more of a primitive trait that is found in certain breeds. Breeds that tend to howl more include: Huskies, German Shepherds, Beagles and other types of hounds.

Reasons for Howling
·         Greeting others
·         Friendly play with other howling dogs       
·         Attracting attention
·         Response to high pitched noises (e.g. ambulance)
·         Pain or discomfort
·         Separation anxiety and loneliness

While howling dogs can be both entertaining and annoying, two of the reasons for howling could signal an important health issue:

Pain or Discomfort
Some pets may howl because they are in physical discomfort.  You might hear the howling when the pet gets up or down.  If so, your pet could have arthritis, hip dysplasia, a torn ligament or some other health issue that needs to be addressed by your veterinarian.  

Separation Anxiety
If your pup howls when you are gone it could be Separation Anxiety. The howling is a way for them to try to reconnect with their pack (you).  A howling dog is lonely and crying out for help. Separation anxiety can get worse with time if not addressed and although you may not be home to hear the howling it can be very disruptive to your neighbors and cause problems.  It also causes a great deal of stress for your pet.  The good news is that there ways to help a pet with separation anxiety.

Steps to Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

1.  Leave for short periods of time and build up the length of time slowly
2.   Walk your dog before leaving
3.   Give your dog something to do when you are gone (a toy, chew toy, music playing, etc)
4.   See about having a neighbor's dog to keep them company (many neighbors are happy to reciprocate) 
5.   Get a pet sitter or neighbor to check in on your pet during the day
6.   Take your pet to a doggie play facility  
7.   Consider getting another pet
8.   Use natural supplements for calming before you leave

Ask Ariel offers calming supplements that can help your pet with separation anxiety.  Please email us to learn more.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ways To Get Your Cool Cat To Like You

Getting your cool cat to like you is a lot like dating, especially if you are bringing a new cat into your home. Here are steps to help make your “relationship” with your cool cat a life-long love affair.

Speak Their Language
Your common language is body language and understanding your cat’s body language as well as paying attention to what you are displaying can have a big impact. Consider getting down on their level. Also, avoid sudden movements and eye contact which can be conveyed as a sign of aggression.

Playing It “Hard To Get
Most cats are not like dogs that might greet you at the door with great enthusiasm. Many prefer to be in control and come to you on their terms.

You May Have To Work At It

Just like human relationships it may take work to get your cat to like you. The key is to find what it takes to make your cat happy by learning their likes and dislikes.

Stay Calm and Carry On
Generally, cats like calm and quiet. Exuberant interactions can scare your cat and send them running to a safe place. They also are very sensitive to stress, anger and frustration, so try to avoid showing those emotions to your cat.

Go Ahead and Spoil Them
Everyone likes to be spoiled a little and your cat is no different. Sharing a special treat as a reward for positive behavior can help solidify your relationship.  Give your cat some extra attention by engaging in an activity your kitty likes along with some extra kisses and cuddles.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Adorable Family Dog - Young Cat-Friendly Female Husky For Adoption in Los Angeles

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Adorable Shiloh needs a loving home. Shiloh is a young, petite Siberian Husky female who has an extraordinarily good temperament. She weighs under 40 pounds and is friendly with small dogs and even cats! Since most huskies have a strong prey drive, Shiloh is a rare exception. Shiloh is VERY cuddly and a real tail wagger. She was hit by a car in Santa Ana and Husky Haven Of Los Angeles rescued her. Shiloh has been through a lot but is now looking to find a wonderful family who can open their heart and their home to such a wonderful family dog. Shiloh is available through Husky Haven of Los Angeles. Please visit their website Husky Haven of Los Angeles or email:

Monday, October 1, 2018

National Walk Your Dog Week

October 1st-7th is National Walk Your Dog Week.  It's a great time to enjoy the fall weather and get in shape with your dog.  Now that the hot weather is almost behind us, your pooch is ready to go.  Walking your dog has so many advantages for you and your dog.  It's a GREAT way to meet your neighbors, make new friends and build up strength. Even if your dog is old or has arthritis, a walk down the street can do wonders for your dog.   If your pet is having difficulty getting up, limping or showing signs of age, please consider giving your pet Ask Ariel supplements such as the Joint Support Kit, Canine Comfort and UltraFlex.  These natural remedies can reduce pain and inflammation and can be used along with any anti-inflammatory medications your veterinarian may have prescribed.
Friday, September 28, 2018

Does Your Cat or Dog Have Bad Breath?

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Does your cat or dog have bad breath? Bad breath is not just a cosmetic issue. It can be a sign of an underlying health issue such as acid stomach, dental or gum infections, poor digestion or kidney disease. For example, if your kitty has drooling, difficulty eating and red, inflamed gums along with the bad breath, that can be a sign of a serious autoimmune condition called stomatitis. If your dog has bad breath and is eating grass and vomiting on occasion, it can be a sign of painful acid reflux. Be sure to bring your pet's bad breath to the attention of your veterinarian.

Following a holistic approach with diet changes (a low carbohydrate, hypoallergenic diet) and a few natural supplements can also help. Power Probiotic, K9 Digestive Enzymes, Colostrum and Soothing Digestive Relief are helpful for cats and dogs with bad breath. To learn more about how to help your pet’s bad breath click here.

Power Probiotic Pure, safe and natural--absolutely no fillers! Power Probiotic repopulates good intestinal flora which is essential for pets with  digestive issues and bad breath.

Soothing Digestive Relief Gentle, effective formula for the treatment of any type of indigestion in pets. Helps with gas, loose stool, mucous in stool, tummy rumbling, diarrhea and malabsorption.  

K9 Digestive Enzymes (for larger dogs)- This powerful digestive enzyme is more complex than typical pet enzymes and helps pets digest protein and fats.  Contains HCL and pancreatin--two animal-based nutrients that help ensure proper digestion of protein and reduction in symptoms related to poor digestion.  Reduces tartar on teeth and improves breath. 

Colostrum for Pets  Backed by research and independent third-party testing, Ask Ariel Colostrum for Pets helps repopulate good bacteria and supports a healthy mouth and digestive tract

“K9 Digestive Enzymes helped Maestro's breath and tartar on his teeth. My vet was so impressed.”   Amy E California

Natural Pain Relief For Dogs

Please click on the photo to view video

Is Your Dog Limping? In Pain? Slowing Down? The Joint Support Kit can help. Backed by Research. Recommended By Veterinarians. Give your pets fast PAIN RELIEF directly in their food bowl!  The Joint Support Kit includes three scientifically natural remedies proven to help reduce inflammation and improve mobility.  Amazing Omegas, Curcumin For Pets and Arthrosoothe For Pets include research-backed, veterinary approved ingredients such as omega 3 fish oil, curcumin, glucosamine, boswellia, green lipped mussel and more.  The Kit gives your pet a variety of nutrients offering the best chance of your pet feeling better versus just relying on home remedy by itself.  

If your dog has difficulty getting up or down, has arthritis or just slowing down due to old age, providing natural remedies can help them get moving again.  Some pets may not want to go on walks any longer because they are in so much pain.  These vitamins can be used along with medications and often reduce or eliminate the need for pain medications.

$20 Savings when you purchase the kit vs buying the products separately. Please click here to learn more.
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Is Your Pet's Antibiotic Use Becoming A Habit?

Pets can get infections every now and then.  Antibiotics can be a lifesaver, a necessary medication to treat the infection.  They are a pet's first line of defense when an infection is present. However, many times, rather than being a one-time cure, they become a way of life. That’s not to say sometimes a second dose or a different antibiotic is needed to knock out a bad infection, but all too often antibiotics are prescribed repeatedly for the same recurring, chronic infection rather than determining the root cause of the chronic infection in the first place.  Long term use of antibiotics can lead to many side effects including weakened immunity, bacteria resistance, yeast and digestive problems.  

If your pet is getting repeat infections, it's a sign that something is out of balance. It could be your pet has an underlying virus,  is allergic or intolerant to the food or stressed out.  Yes, it's possible for a pet that has had repeat infections to finally get better and overcome them, but this involves a natural, holistic approach.  Using immune support supplements such as the Immune Support Kit and making diet changes can be life-changing, especially  if the pet's weakened immunity is due to an underlying virus or food allergy.  Changing your pet's diet to a hypoallergenic, low-inflammatory diet can make a tremendous difference. 

Is your pet getting repeat infections?  Please feel free to email us at

FDA Warns of Potential Neurological Problems from Flea and Tick Medicine

Please read! If your pet is sensitive, small, elderly, liver disease, seizures, kidney disease or has a weakened immune system, flea products can be especially harmful. Not every pet has a reaction but some do.

Fast Facts

  • The FDA is alerting pet owners and veterinarians of the potential for neurologic adverse events (such as muscle tremors, seizures or loss of coordination) in dogs and cats when treated with drugs that are in the isoxazoline class.
  • The FDA-approved drugs in this class are Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica. These products are approved for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations, and the treatment and control of tick infestations.
  • Although these products have been safely used with many dogs and cats, pet owners should consult with their veterinarian to review their pet's medical history to determine whether a product in the isoxazoline class is appropriate for their pet.

courtesy of the FDA bulletin 
Updated: 09/21/2018 
Friday, September 21, 2018

Is A Raw Diet Right For Your Pet?

Raw frozen diets offer superior nutrition and can be especially helpful for pets with allergies and digestive problems. These are high protein diets containing real meat and poultry, organ meats, vegetables, omega oils and assorted nutrients. The freshness and high quality ingredients (e.g. hormone-free meats or organic vegetables) deliver exceptional results.  To learn more about the pros and cons and whether or not a raw diet is right for your pet, please click here
Monday, September 17, 2018

Free Delivery Of Ask Ariel Supplements To VCA Crown Valley Animal Hospital

Here is Legend hanging out with a friend at VCA Crown Valley Animal Hospital & Pet Hotel in Laguna Niguel.  They have a terrific playgroup. The dogs just love to sit outside on the rooftop and set off a howlfest when they see or hear their owner’s car. It is amazing how dogs can recognize their owner’s car from a distance! If you live in Orange County and would like to pick up your order, we deliver there several days a week.  Please just email us at to get the coupon code for easy pickup.
Friday, September 14, 2018

Loyalty of a Companion Pet

When you hear the word loyalty you may picture the unwavering love and companionship of your faithful dog. However, there may be others (most likely those that have never had a dog) that question this loyalty and believe it is only driven by their dependency on us for food and shelter. Rest assured dog people, they only need to witness the excitement of a dog upon the return of their people to know this is not the case.

Let us not forget our felines…they may appear aloof and independent, but they are reciprocal by nature. If we just show them love, respect and loyalty first, they will return the loyalty to us many times over!

September is Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month was originated by the CATalyst Council, an organization focused on educating people on the health and welfare needs of companion cats. It was their hope, in the month of September, that people would stop and reevaluate the health needs of their cats. They found that many people believe that cats are self-sufficient and may neglect preventative healthcare, but it is important to remember a healthy cat is a happy cat.  

Ways to Celebrate Happy Cat Month
  1.  Take your cat to the veterinarian for a check-up
  2.  Review your cat's diet – cats are carnivores and need a feline appropriate diet (limited carbohydrates)
  3.  Provide preventative supplements (such as Power Probiotics and Amazing Omegas which help support their immune system) and supportive supplements (depending on their needs)
  4. Spend some extra time cuddling your kitty

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Remembering The Search And Rescue Dogs Of 9/11

Since this video was made, all of the Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11 have since passed, but we remember them along with all of the brave first responders and victims of this national tragedy.

Natural Treatments For Feline Viruses (FIV, FeLV, FIV)

​Kittens and cats can get viruses such as FeLV, FIV and feline herpes. Viruses can weaken their immunity making them more susceptible to infections. Kitties with viruses can have chronic health problems such as sneezing, upper respiratory infections, eye discharge and lethargy. Using a holistic approach along with conventional treatments from your veterinarian can reduce flare ups and improve your kitty’s quality of life. Diet and nutrition play a big role in immunity as feeding cats a hypoallergenic, low carbohydrate diet can be helpful. Also Power Probiotic and the Immune Support Kit (contains three tasteless, liquid drops) have been an essential part of helping cats feel better too.

Immune Support Kit – The Immune Support Kit is very helpful for cats with sneezing and upper respiratory infections.  It contains three tasteless liquid immune support formulas:
  • Easy to use drops (with minimal smell and taste - no alcohol)
  • Fight infections to reduce nasal discharge and sneezing
  • Clears up sinuses, nasal tract and improves breathing
  • Gentle, natural formulas that can safely be used on an ongoing basis
  • Supports your pet's own immune system to reduce viral flareups or asthma attacks
QuentaSAN and NotaSAN--Two powerful homeopathic formulas that are most effective when used together. Easy to use gentle drops that can have powerful and effective results in treating infections and relieves nasal and sinus discharge. The drops can be used long-term for immune support.

Silver Immune Support for Pets - Broad spectrum antimicrobial that can be used along with antibiotics. Safe for young kittens with upper respiratory infections too. AKA  "The Germinator"

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Today Is Hug Your Hound Day

Each year on the second Sunday of September we celebrate Hug Your Hound Day. Throughout history canines have been our unconditional loving companions, loyal workers, and faithful defenders of family and property. We ask that on this Hug Your Hound Day you take a moment and show your appreciation with a big hug…and maybe a special treat too.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Bojangles the Cat Finds Relief from Feline IBD Using Natural Supplements

"Bojangles is doing so well on the IBD Kit.    We have also put him on the no grain diet that you recommended. Thank you so much!!!"

Haun Family, Alaska

We have many cat owners who come to us because their kitties are vomiting, having digestive problems and just can't seem to get better. Following a holistic plan using the best supplements for IBD and IBS along with diet changes can help them feel better. 


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

All About Black and White "Tuxedo Cats"

Sylvester the Cat, from Looney Tunes "Tweety and Sylvester", Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat and Felix the Cat (from the 1920s) are all famous black and white cats known as “tuxedo cats”. They are characterized by white paws, chest and belly (and sometimes white on their face) otherwise they have black coats. Tuxedo cats are extremely friendly and affectionate (sometimes thought to be dog-like) and are also intelligent. Their good nature makes them a great option for a home with other pets…even dogs! 

Top Names For Tuxedo Cats
Ansel Adams

Sunday, September 2, 2018

What Is The Best CoQ10 For Pets?

Purrfect Pet Co Q10  is the best CoQ10 for cats and dogs.

Veterinary-Approved and Recommended

Non-GMO Ubiquinol-Reduced CoQ10.
Friday, August 31, 2018

Pets Have A Party At VCA Crown Valley Animal Hospital

Wow! Much thanks to VCA Crown Valley Animal Hospital & Pet Hotel in Laguna for throwing a birthday party for Legend. He came home from playgroup today with a gift bag of birthday goodies. Legend, our rescued Siberian Husky turns 10 years old in September but still loves to hang out with his best furry pals and caring staff at this wonderful pet hospital.  VCA Crown Valley in Laguna Niguel has terrific doggie day care.  Also if you live in Southern California and would like to pick up your supplements, we deliver there several days a week.