Friday, December 1, 2017

Pet Psychic Bonnie Taplin Suggests Gratitude When Our Pets Are Sick

The holidays are wonderful in many ways but can also be a time when we experience stress, grief, disappointment and longing for a lost loved one. I would like to credit Bonnie Taplin, Pet Psychic of for this special tip. Our beautiful Legend has been going through some very difficult times with his seizures in spite of all of our efforts. It has been painful and disappointing that our beloved dog isn’t able to enjoy life the way he used to and that we haven’t been able to help him as much as we would like. The seizures are unpredictable, stressful and anxiety provoking because we never one when one could happen. Bonnie talked to us about being grateful for all the special moments that we do have and using our thanks to guide us and give us strength. Bonnie pointed out that there is clinical research that GRATITUDE can actually improve brain function (it stimulates dopamine which can elicit a pleasurable happy feeling). It works! Many of you have sick pets or family members. Please remember to be thankful for every precious moment. Sending our love and gratitude to all