Monday, October 30, 2017

Keep Pets Away From Xylitol and Candy During Halloween!

Keep candy (chocolate is toxic) away from your pets.  At Halloween, it is natural to have lots of candy and gum in a lot of different parts of the house especially if you have children. Candy and gum can be toxic to pets and with all the Halloween activity, it is easy to miss that your pet has gotten into something.   Gum and diet candies can be also be toxic if they contain Xylitol. Xylitol can have fast, fatal consequences because it can cause a precipitous drop in blood sugar (acute hypoglycemia) and/or liver failure. It is easy to leave a pack of gum sitting out on the counter or on the car seat. Double-check before bedtime to make sure that the candy and gum has been stored in a secure cabinet in all rooms!
Friday, October 27, 2017

Exercise Can Make Your Dog Happy

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“Star is very active. Her favorite form of exercise by far is to run and play catch. I take her out almost everyday. We either go to a dog park or to our local dog beach where she can run free and play catch with her ball. When we can't go out, I play catch in the house for about 20 minutes. I have lots of room to throw the ball so she can run. “ Beth and Star

There’s a reason why Star’s favorite form of exercise is running and playing catch - endorphins are released when dogs exercise at a certain intensity.  We have all heard the phrase “runner’s high” in athletes and the same holds true for dogs.  A good exercise session (and the release of the endorphins) may help with some of these common behavioral problems too.
  • Compulsive Behaviors-  tail chasing and chewing. *Be sure to rule out allergies or other skin condition.
  • Puppy and Adolescent Hyperactivity- puppies are VERY active…a tired dog is a happy dog. A bored puppy can cause a lot of trouble.  
  • Anxiety- the endorphins from exercise can help to calm an anxious pup.
  • Lick Granuloma- the skin lesions caused by obsessive licking are often started from anxiety.  Researchers believe the act of licking may release endorphins and exercise can release the same endorphins helping to reduce the likelihood of lick granulomas.

Natural Remedies For Cats During Fall Shedding Season

Red Cat in autumn leaves
Fall is traditionally shedding season for cats.  The shedding is caused  by less available daylight due to the shorter days.  This naturally occurring event can be altered for indoor cats, as indoor artificial light may confuse the process and lead to your cat shedding smaller amounts year-round. Frequent brushing, along with adding Amazing Omegas  can reduce the amount of hair left about the house and adding Power Probiotic to support GI health can reduce hairballs! 
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

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October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month and there are many dogs waiting to find their forever home. See your local shelter to find the right pet for your family. 

Here are a few tips once you find your perfect pup:
  • Dog proof your home before you bring your new pet home.  
  • Allow time for your new dog to acclimate to both your home and family, before allowing outside people to be introduced.  Strangers may add additional stress.
  • Keep your pet's food and feeding schedule the same for the first few days to avoid gastric distress. If a diet change is necessary, do so very slowly.  Add pumpkin to the diet to help prevent diarrhea.
  • Schedule a check-up to insure your pet is up to date on vaccines and any medical issues can be addressed.
  • Be patient and understanding with your new pup. They are learning to live in a new place, with a new schedule, and with new expectations. Before you know it, you will have a life long bond!

Top Halloween Costumes for Pets

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The National Retail Federation announced the top trending pet costumes for 2017:
  1. Pumpkin
  2. Hot dog 
  3. Dog, lion or pirate (tied) 
  4. Bumble bee 
  5. Devil 
  6. "Batman" character 
  7. Ghost 
  8. Cat 
  9. Witch 
  10. "Star Wars" character
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Natural Remedies For Yorkie With ACL Tear and Dry Skin Help Him Feel Better!

"Beau is a Yorkie mix rescue, who came into our family one year ago. He was half blind, with dry skin issues, and recently tore his ACL. We put him on Amazing Omegas, and Ultra Flex joint supplement. Beau's skin is 100 percent better, with the shiniest of coats, and his is recovering nicely from his ACL tear without surgery! We swear by your products, and you have a loyal customer for life!"
Karen V., New Jersey
Thursday, October 19, 2017

California First State to Require Pet Stores to Only Sell Rescue Pets

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California Governor Jerry Brown of California signed Bill  A.B. 485 on Friday, October 14th.  The law will make it illegal for pet stores to sell dogs, cats, and rabbits from any source other than a shelter or rescue group starting in 2019.  This law is an effort to target and eliminate the puppy mill industry. 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How Omega 3s Can Reduce Shedding And Give Your Pet A Shiny Coat

Many dogs and cats may not be getting enough essential fatty acids from their diet, which can cause an increase in shedding and a lackluster coat. In combination with regular bathing and brushing, using Amazing Omegas can provide the essential fatty acids that will nourish  the skin and coat to bring back the shimmer and reduce shedding.  Packed in glass bottles for purity, Amazing Omegas is the best fish oil for pets, naturally processed (from sardines, anchovies and mackerel) to preserve the integrity of the oil and will give your pet a beautiful, lustrous coat.

Fall is A Wonderful Time To Enjoy Your Pet

Happy Fall…the air is getting crisp; the leaves are changing colors and the sky is blue!  Be sure your kitty has plenty of access to see the outside world!  Cats enjoy bird watching and leaf bounce too.  Spend some time cuddling with your kitty by the window and keep drapes/blinds open for great fall viewing.
Monday, October 16, 2017

How To Find Relief From Allergies for Your Pet

Fall can be an itchy time of year for cat or dog. Pets can have increased itching, ear infections, hot spots, licking and chewing. AllerEaze is nature's own "Benadryl". All-natural AllerEaze contains quercetin which can reduce your cat or dog's histamine response and take the "edge" off allergy symptoms. If your cat or dog is itching and scratching, give your pet much needed relief with AllerEaze. For more information please click here.

Make the Most Of Your Time With Your Pet

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We love our pets so much and wonder how long they will live. We all get very busy but time moves very quickly and before you know it, your puppy or kitten is now a senior.  Be sure to take time every day to show them a little affection because the time we have with them is precious, but always too short. 
Thursday, October 12, 2017

Keep Your Black Cat Safe

The month of October is a dangerous one for black cats.  Many shelters won't allow adoptions during the month out of concern the cats may be mistreated.  This scary mistreatment stems from the Middle Ages when black cats were tortured because their fur was the color of night, which was associated with witchery and evil.  Please be safe and keep your black kitty inside in a room away from trick or treaters and where there is no possibility your cat could get out by mistake.
Monday, October 9, 2017

Some Dog Myths Debunked

Here are some common myths and misconceptions about dogs which have been found to be untrue.

Myth: Dogs and cats do not mix
Ask anyone that has a mixed, multi-pet household and they would be quick to tell you this isn't the case.  There are some breeds such as huskies which have a strong prey drive and some pets that just can't get along, but there are plenty of households that have both cats and dogs living harmoniously.   Important to note: introducing younger pets as kittens and puppies have a better chance for a successful outcome.

Myth: One human year equals seven dog years
The process of determining the age comparison between a pet and a human is more complicated than simply multiplying by 7. To truly determine a pet's equivalent human age, you must consider size (smaller dogs live longer, thus age slower), breed (some breeds have shorter lifespan), and lifestyle elements (diet, activity level, healthcare, etc.) all of which factor into the calculation.

Myth: A wet nose means a healthy dog
Veterinarians have found that the dampness of the dog’s nose does not necessarily mean they are sick.  The nose could be damp because of licking and similarly could be dry to being  out in the weather (wind or sun).

Myth: Dogs will only respect their alpha
Researchers have found that the relationship within a “pack” is more like a human family vs. having a leader.  Think of the relationship with your dog as more of a parent-child relationship.  It is best to teach your pet to respect all human and pet family members, not just the alpha.  
Friday, October 6, 2017

Two Ways Canned Pumpkin Can Benefit Your Cat or Dog's Health

DID YOU KNOW.... pumpkin is a miracle food? 
Pumpkin is high in fiber, is a good source of natural Vitamin A and is very helpful for pets with digestive issues and irritable bowel.  The amount of pumpkin varies by pet and you will have to adjust the amounts if your pet is very sensitive.  In general, half teaspoon twice a day mixed into food for a cat or small pet is about right and a tablespoon or more works great for a large dog.  While some pets won't like the taste of pumpkin by itself, mixing with canned food works well. 

Two reasons to add pumpkin to your pet's diet:

Digestive Health: It can help dogs and cats with both constipation and diarrhea as it helps to promote the natural wave action of the intestines.  Soothing for the tummy!

Helps Pets Feel Satiated:   Due to the high fiber content, your cat or dog will feel full longer.  This is a very healthy, useful food to help pets lose weight!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

How To Bond With Your Newly Adopted Rescued Cat

We at Ask Ariel are strong advocates of rescue adoptions.  There are so many homeless pets needing a forever home and is a great place to start looking for a new addition to your family. We were recently asked how to help a family acclimate their new rescue cat into their home.  Here are 10 tips that can help:

1.  Give Your Kitty Her Own Space – If you have the space, having a separate room set up with everything your kitty needs: food, water, bedding and litter tray would be ideal, but even a small space with a divider will work.

2. Just Let Them Hide – Cat’s natural instinct is to hide to feel safe. They will be very sensitive in the beginning and it could take weeks or even months for them to feel safe to come out of hiding for extended period of times. Give them time.

3. Don’t Pressure them…Take Things Slowly – Rescue pets have their own unique story and some maybe very skittish.  Let your new kitty come to you in their own time. They need to be comfortable with the sights, sounds and smells of their new environment. You will know when they want your attention.

4. Share Your Scent – To help your new pet get used to you, place a piece of your clothing in their area to sniff and sleep on. This will help your kitty get accustom to you and associate you within their environment.

5. Get Down on Your Cat's Level – If you are down on the floor it feels less threatening.  Let your new cat approach you when he or she is ready.

6. Have a Conversation with Your Cat – Cats are talkative animals and will be listening to you even if they pretend not to notice you. Try to keep your voice soft and talk with her whenever you get the chance. Try to use their name as often as possible, so that they become accustom to hearing it.

7. Pamper Them – Just like humans, cats love being pampered and groomed. If possible try to spend a little time each day “grooming” them. It may be a brushing (some may not like brushing) or it may be simply petting them (which they can interpret as grooming)
8. Play Time - Cats love to play and spending time playing will strengthen your bond. It doesn’t take much, a piece of string, a toilet paper roll, or a rolling ball.
9. Special Healthy Treats – If you discover a special treat your cat loves it will create a positive association with you. Also, eating in front of you is a big step and should be praised.
10. Snuggle Time – Cats LOVE to sleep on beds and if your new kitty comes to you for closeness and warmth, celebrate! You just passed the test.
Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Natural Remedies For Shih Tzus With Allergies and Liver Disease


"We have 2 Shih Tzus with similar problems (sensitive tummy, allergies and liver disease); trust the products from Ask Ariel, used them for 11+ years. Kobe's liver enzymes are normal and Mandy will be 15 in December! Thanks Susan! You have been such an inspiration for so many clients; keep up the good work." 
Connie - California  

Some of the products Kobe and Mandy have taken:

Common Scents Can Affect Your Pet's Health

Fragrances and the use of scents in products have been growing in popularity.  Candles, household cleaners, air fresheners, and even pet products (such as kitty litter) now have new and improved fragrances.   When it comes to using heavily scented products, it is important to remember that dogs and cats have a much stronger sense of smell than people.  Because of this keen sense of smell, pets can become overwhelmed and ill from heavily scented items.  Signs of toxicity may include: nausea, loss of appetite, lethargy, seizure or even liver failure. Pets that have asthma or other respiratory issues may have a stronger reaction to smells and it can trigger an attack.  Use caution when using any essential oils or heavily scented products near your pet and if unsure, please ask your vet.
Sunday, October 1, 2017

Best Kidney Remedy For Dogs and Cats

Kidney Health is an all natural, veterinary-approved supplement that provides protein support for cats and dogs enabling them to more efficiently break down, digest and metabolize protein. Helpful for pets that have protein loss in the urine, kidney disease, cancer and diabetes.

➡️Assists the kidneys to eliminate metabolic waste
➡️Breaks down protein reducing the workload on the kidneys and liver
➡️Proteolytic enzymes reduce inflammation and provide support for pets with protein loss and conditions such as cancer that affect protein metabolism
➡️All natural treatment; combines easily with kidney medications
➡️Essential for diabetic pets as the kidneys are adversely affected
➡️To learn more click on this link