Thursday, August 31, 2017

Helping Pets Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Rescued Pets After Hurricane Harvey
This last week Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Coast causing severe damage. The devastation was not over after the initial hit. Tropical Storm Harvey continued to unleash historic amounts of rain for several more days in the Houston area.  It transformed streets to rivers and low-lying areas to lakes. Watching the reporting was heartbreaking, as human victims struggled to find shelter and safety. Unfortunately, with the quick rise of water, many pets and animals had to be left behind.

However, there was a bright spot during these cloudy days, as the remarkable stories of generosity began to surface. Texans and Americans from across the country were mobilizing to help displaced victims in their time of need.  However, generosity did not only extend to the human victims, but also to the many pets that were abandoned and lost during the storms. Rescue groups and animal care organizations from all over the country came to help save and rescue the animals. Truckloads of shelter pets were transported to other states to make room for Harvey pets in the hopes they will be reunited with their families.  Many pets have been reunited and others are receiving veterinary care, food and shelter while they wait for their owners or adoption.   Texans have shown unprecedented care and concern for the animals.   Thank You to all the First Responders, Animal Rescue and Welfare Organizations and Volunteers that put the needs of others above their own!    
Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jack Russell Terrier With Elevated Liver Values Improves With Holistic Treatments

“You helped me greatly with my now deceased Jack Russell, Tony, who had high liver values. I started using Ask Ariel’s liver support supplement and diet suggestions when Tony was about 12. His liver values came down to almost normal, allowing me to avoid expensive medications. He had a happy life for at least 4 more years thanks to!”   Linda D, CA

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We're Thinking About Our Fellow Americans In Texas


Ask Ariel has many friends and clients in the great state of Texas.  The devastation there is unimaginable but the courage and grace of the Texas people is truly inspirational.   In my early career, I spent several years working in Houston and it is a wonderful city.  We are sending loving thoughts to all of you and hope the storm passes soon.  Photo:
Thursday, August 24, 2017

In Memory Of A Precious Wheaten Terrier

In Memory of A Special Friend and Client of Ask Ariel:
"Our dear, sweet wheaten terrier Biscuit crossed over the rainbow bridge on Friday August 18, 2017.  Biscuit was only supposed to be a visitor but she captured our hearts for all of the years she was with us.  I have a wheaten terrier Murphy and my friend fell in love with my dog and decided to get a dog of the same breed.  Although she checked with her landlord before bringing the dog home, he ultimately said that she could not keep the dog.  She asked if I would "babysit" until she found another place and then that babysitting assignment turned into a 12 year love affair.  

Biscuit was a lover and we teasingly called her "mama bear" because all she wanted to do was mother any little dog that she came across.  It was a shame that she never had pups of her own but she transferred that love to any human or animal that she met.  We will miss our beautiful girl but so thankful for the love and sweetness that she graced us with while she was on this earth."  Lynette, California

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When You Must Call Your Vet

The past two weeks we have received quite a few emails from concerned pet owners who are on vacation and their pet is displaying some type of unusual symptom that concerns them. While we are happy to help, our response is always the same "Please contact your vet right away". Some of the concerns expressed: vomiting, hot spots, limping, licking at genitals, urinating more frequently, etc. Unfortunately these things can come up at some of the most inconvenient times and it creates a lot of stress for you and your pet. It's hard to stop what you are doing (e.g. may have a fun activity planned) but at the very least, call your vet! Your vet will tell you if this is something serious where your pet needs to be seen right away or perhaps it can wait until you get back. If it is after hours, call an emergency clinic. But make the call. Yes it can cost money, mess up plans and create extra stress. But not calling can have dire consequences and leave you with regret and guilt. There is no cost to making the call and then once you have the facts, you can figure out the next best step. When in doubt, knowledge is power! 
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Natural Remedies For Lymphangiectasia

"Thank you so much for your amazing products.  In such a short amount of time from taking Pancreatitis and Liver Support Kit and Soothing Digestive Relief, our nine year old Yorkie Maltese Mix started getting huge relief from Lymphangiectasia.  She had less bloating and gas, no more diarrhea, more energy, put on weight and not as weak.  These supplements seem to combat the negative side effects of the prednisone.  She has her energy back and you can tell she feels so much better.  Before we started her on these products we felt it was almost time to let her go and started these supplements as a final attempt to help her.  Wow…I genuinely feel these products have saved her life.  Thank you for saving my sweet Gracie girl. Sincere Thanks!"
Jennifer, Ohio
Saturday, August 19, 2017

4 Tips To Reduce Hairballs

Some cats regularly vomit hairballs and this is usually due to a dietary or digestive issue. While it's true that long-haired cats have more of a hairball issue than short-haired kitties, your cat's diet and digestive health are often the biggest contributing factors. Here are four tips to help reduce a hairball problem:

1) Avoid feeding your cat dry food--Cats need a high moisture diet and dry food is high in carbohydrates which are harder to digest. Cats are not big water drinkers. A raw frozen or canned food diet can be helpful for cats with hairball issues.
2) Give your kitty plenty of Omega 3s in their diet.--Amazing Omegas provide therapeutic level Omega 3 fatty acids derived from sardines, anchovies and mackerel. Omega 3 fatty acids improve the quality of your cat's skin and coat reducing the shedding and opportunity for hairballs.
3) Mix a small amount of canned pumpkin into your cat's meals. If your kitty won't eat pumpkin, try mashed yams or sweet potatoes or even babyfood yams (no onion). Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are high in fiber which is important to keep the hair moving through the intestinal tract.
4) Brush your kitty a few times a week. This should improve your cat's skin and coat, reducing hairballs.
Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Soothing Digestive Relief For Pets With Tummy Rumbling And Diarrhea

 Say goodbye to tummy rumbling, indigestion, loose stool and diarrhea. Soothing Digestive Relief For Pets is a natural remedy that relieves tummy aches in dogs and cats. All-Natural, No Fillers, Safe Digestive Aid Can Be Used Every Day.  To Learn More--Please click on the link.
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Natural Remedies For Dogs and Cats With Pancreatitis

Liver kit 2


The Pancreatitis and Liver Support Kit  is an all- natural, holistic treatment that is excellent for cats and dogs who have had pancreatitis.  It includes three formulas: Power Probiotic, Lypozyme and Liver & Gallbladder Support Formula.  The three formulas are powerful, individual formulas and can be purchased separately but for best results, we recommend using the three formulas together.

Dogs and cats feel better quickly using these three clinically-proven herbal and enzyme formulas. These all-natural supplements are gentle but effective in supporting the liver, gallbladder, pancreas and intestinal tract. The enzymes and probiotics are at a therapeutic level making them highly effective in breaking down food, easing the burden on the pancreas and digestive tract. The Pancreatitis Kit is excellent for dogs and cats with the following conditions:
*Canine Cushings Disease
*Difficulty digesting fats (indigestion)
*Breeds prone to pancreatitis such as Schnauzers, Poodles and Cocker Spaniels
*Gallbladder problems
*Elevated Liver Enzymes
*Senior cats and dogs

The formulas are all capsules that can be opened and the powders inside can be sprinkled on food.

Please include your pet's diet and diagnoses on the order form at checkout.  We will include a diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your order.
Friday, August 11, 2017

Best Probiotic For Cats With Loose or Runny Stool

"We love this stuff! There's finally been an improvement in our poops! Thanks for making great products."  The Rich Family, CA  
Photo courtesy of @peculiarpanther

The Best Probiotic For Pets! Pure, natural, safe---a product you can trust. 
Try Power Probiotic for Pets and you will know you have found the very best

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Human Treats Can Make Pets Sick- Just Say No!

Would you give a child a puff of a cigarette if he asked? What about giving a toddler alcohol because she grabbed your glass? Of course not! So why would you give your pet ice cream, cookies, coffee drinks, corn on the cob etc.? We all want to spoil our pets and it's very hard to resist those begging eyes. But human treats are not good for them even if in tiny amounts. For ex: most yorkies have sensitive digestion and some may only weigh 3 to 4 pounds. A teaspoon of ice cream could cause pancreatitis and worse. As much as we want to humanize our pets, their digestive tracts and immune systems are very different than ours. Sugar weakens their immune system making them more susceptible to allergies, skin problems, ear infections, UTIs, diabetes and cancer. You can still lavish love on your pets by having lots of healthy pet goodies available such as Stella and Chewys or Instinct Pet Food  freeze dried treats. It's hard but please think of your pet's health first.
Monday, August 7, 2017

How To Help A Cat With a Tummy Ache

Does your kitty have occasional bouts of vomiting, indigestion or diarrhea? Long term bowel inflammation can lead to IBD and intestinal lymphoma. What many cat owners don't realize is that there are some very common culprits in their kitty's food and treats. If your cat has a sensitive stomach, it's best to avoid poultry and fish as these are big allergens. Dry cat food is loaded with hard to digest carbohydrates and even grain-free dry kibble is problematic. What seems to work best is a combination of raw frozen, freeze dried and canned using a novel protein source. Also using a few tummy soothers such as Soothing Digestive Relief and Power Probiotic can really help too.  Finicky cats may resist change and can be very challenging but with patience, they will come around. Giving them unhealthy food they like may seem easier but it worsens inflammation and just perpetuates the problem. Take it slow with small changes and over time, your cat will feel so much better!
Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Dog Scratching Remedy That Realy Works!

Environmental allergies can make pets very itchy. Allergy symptoms are worse during the hot summer months. Pets can have increased itching, ear infections, hot spots, licking and chewing. AllerEaze is nature's own "Benadryl". All-natural AllerEaze contains quercetin which can reduce your pet's histamine response and take the "edge" off allergy symptoms.  Safe for both cats and dogs.   If your pet is itching and scratching, give your pet much needed relief with AllerEaze. To learn more, please click on the link
Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Supplements Help Kitty With Feline Herpes

"Boris is my (now) 10 year-old domestic medium haired cat. He's a gentle and loving boy. He's had issues with allergies and feline herpes since he was 1 year old, which manifest in sneezing and runny eyes with discolored discharge.

A couple of years ago, I found AskAriel, and at the recommendation of Susan, Boris was switched to a novel canned food source, and I put him on ProAller drops in addition to his daily l-lysine and Notatum as needed for occasional flareups. The ProAller keeps his eye issues mostly under control on its own, and I can definitely tell when I've skipped a dose.

Thanks for helping my Bobo!"

Pamela  Zion, IL
Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rescue Dog Rodney Comforts Many As A Pet Therapy Dog

Meet Rodney--Rodney is a pet therapy dog who provides joy and comfort to many.  He is a gentle, cuddly Old English Sheepdog who is approx. 8 to 9 years old.  Rodney's journey from a rescue dog to a pet therapy dog is an amazing tale.  Rodney was found wandering the streets of Taiwan (from a puppy mill), saved by rescuers and then shipped to California to find his forever home and purpose. He now dedicates his life to helping others as a therapy dog.

What is a therapy dog? A therapy dog is one that is trained to provide affection, comfort and emotional support to adults and children in a variety of settings which include: hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hospices, and disaster areas. They are not to be confused with service animals that are trained to perform a specific task for a person with a disability. You may see a therapy dog sitting with a child learning to read, brightening the day of the elderly, visiting patients at hospitals or offering comfort to those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a disaster or horrific experience.

Rodney underwent special training at the Betty White Foundation Actors and Friends of Animals and has been on staff at West Hills Hospital as a pet therapy dog for many years. Rodney enters the front doors of the hospital and hears his name called by doctors, nurses, and staff members. Rodney, a celebrity in his own right, travels throughout the hospital providing love and joy to all.

Here is just one example which illustrates the comfort a pet therapy dog can provide.  For several weeks, Rodney had visited the same room of a young man who had suffered a massive heart attack.  The young man had breathing and feeding tubes keeping him alive while his anguished grandmother sat with him, holding his hand.  Each week Rodney would come for a visit sitting with them hoping in some way that his presence might relieve some of their pain.  
When the final day came and the young man passed away peacefully, Rodney was there with his head in the grandmother’s lap as she gently stroked his head.  Having Rodney there made a very sad and difficult situation just a little bit easier.  Pet therapy dogs can make an amazing difference in the lives of those who are suffering.