Thursday, October 19, 2017

California First State to Require Pet Stores to Only Sell Rescue Pets

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California Governor Jerry Brown of California signed Bill  A.B. 485 on Friday, October 14th.  The law will make it illegal for pet stores to sell dogs, cats, and rabbits from any source other than a shelter or rescue group starting in 2019.  This law is an effort to target and eliminate the puppy mill industry. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How Omega 3s Can Reduce Shedding And Give Your Pet A Shiny Coat

Many dogs and cats may not be getting enough essential fatty acids from their diet, which can cause an increase in shedding and a lackluster coat. In combination with regular bathing and brushing, using Amazing Omegas can provide the essential fatty acids that will nourish  the skin and coat to bring back the shimmer and reduce shedding.  Packed in glass bottles for purity, Amazing Omegas is the best fish oil for pets, naturally processed (from sardines, anchovies and mackerel) to preserve the integrity of the oil and will give your pet a beautiful, lustrous coat.

Fall is A Wonderful Time To Enjoy Your Pet

Happy Fall…the air is getting crisp; the leaves are changing colors and the sky is blue!  Be sure your kitty has plenty of access to see the outside world!  Cats enjoy bird watching and leaf bounce too.  Spend some time cuddling with your kitty by the window and keep drapes/blinds open for great fall viewing.

Monday, October 16, 2017

How To Find Relief From Allergies for Your Pet

Fall can be an itchy time of year for cat or dog. Pets can have increased itching, ear infections, hot spots, licking and chewing. AllerEaze is nature's own "Benadryl". All-natural AllerEaze contains quercetin which can reduce your cat or dog's histamine response and take the "edge" off allergy symptoms. If your cat or dog is itching and scratching, give your pet much needed relief with AllerEaze. For more information please click here.

Make the Most Of Your Time With Your Pet

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We love our pets so much and wonder how long they will live. We all get very busy but time moves very quickly and before you know it, your puppy or kitten is now a senior.  Be sure to take time every day to show them a little affection because the time we have with them is precious, but always too short. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Keep Your Black Cat Safe

The month of October is a dangerous one for black cats.  Many shelters won't allow adoptions during the month out of concern the cats may be mistreated.  This scary mistreatment stems from the Middle Ages when black cats were tortured because their fur was the color of night, which was associated with witchery and evil.  Please be safe and keep your black kitty inside in a room away from trick or treaters and where there is no possibility your cat could get out by mistake.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Some Dog Myths Debunked

Here are some common myths and misconceptions about dogs which have been found to be untrue.

Myth: Dogs and cats do not mix
Ask anyone that has a mixed, multi-pet household and they would be quick to tell you this isn't the case.  There are some breeds such as huskies which have a strong prey drive and some pets that just can't get along, but there are plenty of households that have both cats and dogs living harmoniously.   Important to note: introducing younger pets as kittens and puppies have a better chance for a successful outcome.

Myth: One human year equals seven dog years
The process of determining the age comparison between a pet and a human is more complicated than simply multiplying by 7. To truly determine a pet's equivalent human age, you must consider size (smaller dogs live longer, thus age slower), breed (some breeds have shorter lifespan), and lifestyle elements (diet, activity level, healthcare, etc.) all of which factor into the calculation.

Myth: A wet nose means a healthy dog
Veterinarians have found that the dampness of the dog’s nose does not necessarily mean they are sick.  The nose could be damp because of licking and similarly could be dry to being  out in the weather (wind or sun).

Myth: Dogs will only respect their alpha
Researchers have found that the relationship within a “pack” is more like a human family vs. having a leader.  Think of the relationship with your dog as more of a parent-child relationship.  It is best to teach your pet to respect all human and pet family members, not just the alpha.  

Friday, October 6, 2017

Two Ways Canned Pumpkin Can Benefit Your Cat or Dog's Health

DID YOU KNOW.... pumpkin is a miracle food? 
Pumpkin is high in fiber, is a good source of natural Vitamin A and is very helpful for pets with digestive issues and irritable bowel.  The amount of pumpkin varies by pet and you will have to adjust the amounts if your pet is very sensitive.  In general, half teaspoon twice a day mixed into food for a cat or small pet is about right and a tablespoon or more works great for a large dog.  While some pets won't like the taste of pumpkin by itself, mixing with canned food works well. 

Two reasons to add pumpkin to your pet's diet:

Digestive Health: It can help dogs and cats with both constipation and diarrhea as it helps to promote the natural wave action of the intestines.  Soothing for the tummy!

Helps Pets Feel Satiated:   Due to the high fiber content, your cat or dog will feel full longer.  This is a very healthy, useful food to help pets lose weight!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

How To Bond With Your Newly Adopted Rescued Cat

We at Ask Ariel are strong advocates of rescue adoptions.  There are so many homeless pets needing a forever home and is a great place to start looking for a new addition to your family. We were recently asked how to help a family acclimate their new rescue cat into their home.  Here are 10 tips that can help:

1.  Give Your Kitty Her Own Space – If you have the space, having a separate room set up with everything your kitty needs: food, water, bedding and litter tray would be ideal, but even a small space with a divider will work.

2. Just Let Them Hide – Cat’s natural instinct is to hide to feel safe. They will be very sensitive in the beginning and it could take weeks or even months for them to feel safe to come out of hiding for extended period of times. Give them time.

3. Don’t Pressure them…Take Things Slowly – Rescue pets have their own unique story and some maybe very skittish.  Let your new kitty come to you in their own time. They need to be comfortable with the sights, sounds and smells of their new environment. You will know when they want your attention.

4. Share Your Scent – To help your new pet get used to you, place a piece of your clothing in their area to sniff and sleep on. This will help your kitty get accustom to you and associate you within their environment.

5. Get Down on Your Cat's Level – If you are down on the floor it feels less threatening.  Let your new cat approach you when he or she is ready.

6. Have a Conversation with Your Cat – Cats are talkative animals and will be listening to you even if they pretend not to notice you. Try to keep your voice soft and talk with her whenever you get the chance. Try to use their name as often as possible, so that they become accustom to hearing it.

7. Pamper Them – Just like humans, cats love being pampered and groomed. If possible try to spend a little time each day “grooming” them. It may be a brushing (some may not like brushing) or it may be simply petting them (which they can interpret as grooming)
8. Play Time - Cats love to play and spending time playing will strengthen your bond. It doesn’t take much, a piece of string, a toilet paper roll, or a rolling ball.
9. Special Healthy Treats – If you discover a special treat your cat loves it will create a positive association with you. Also, eating in front of you is a big step and should be praised.
10. Snuggle Time – Cats LOVE to sleep on beds and if your new kitty comes to you for closeness and warmth, celebrate! You just passed the test.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Natural Remedies For Shih Tzus With Allergies and Liver Disease


"We have 2 Shih Tzus with similar problems (sensitive tummy, allergies and liver disease); trust the products from Ask Ariel, used them for 11+ years. Kobe's liver enzymes are normal and Mandy will be 15 in December! Thanks Susan! You have been such an inspiration for so many clients; keep up the good work." 
Connie - California  

Some of the products Kobe and Mandy have taken:

Common Scents Can Affect Your Pet's Health

Fragrances and the use of scents in products have been growing in popularity.  Candles, household cleaners, air fresheners, and even pet products (such as kitty litter) now have new and improved fragrances.   When it comes to using heavily scented products, it is important to remember that dogs and cats have a much stronger sense of smell than people.  Because of this keen sense of smell, pets can become overwhelmed and ill from heavily scented items.  Signs of toxicity may include: nausea, loss of appetite, lethargy, seizure or even liver failure. Pets that have asthma or other respiratory issues may have a stronger reaction to smells and it can trigger an attack.  Use caution when using any essential oils or heavily scented products near your pet and if unsure, please ask your vet.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Best Kidney Remedy For Dogs and Cats

Kidney Health is an all natural, veterinary-approved supplement that provides protein support for cats and dogs enabling them to more efficiently break down, digest and metabolize protein. Helpful for pets that have protein loss in the urine, kidney disease, cancer and diabetes.

➡️Assists the kidneys to eliminate metabolic waste
➡️Breaks down protein reducing the workload on the kidneys and liver
➡️Proteolytic enzymes reduce inflammation and provide support for pets with protein loss and conditions such as cancer that affect protein metabolism
➡️All natural treatment; combines easily with kidney medications
➡️Essential for diabetic pets as the kidneys are adversely affected
➡️To learn more click on this link

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Vets and Pets --A New Book About The Healing Power Of Animals

This week a new book  titled Vets and Pets by Dava Guerin and Kevin Ferris (Skyhorse Publishing; September 26, 2017) was released which illustrates the strong bonds that pets can have on our lives.  It tells the stories of “wounded warriors and the animals that healed them”.  Former First Lady, Barbara Bush, wrote the forward for the book and here is part of her statement:

“For many of us, coming home to or cuddling with a beloved pet is one of life’s great joys.  No matter how your day has gone, the unbridled excitement of your pet when you walk in the door really can make your problems seem a little less grim. 

 Now imagine for a moment the power of that same bond between our military veterans and their pets. For years we’ve all heard stories of how that relationship not only cheers but saves lives.  Their pets can make the dark days brighter, the helpless feel helpful, the lonely feel loved…”

Any loving pet owner can understand exactly what she is talking about!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Raw Frozen Diets Can Keep Your Pet Young

Raw frozen diets can bring back the puppy or kitten in your pet. Raw frozen diets feed your pets the nutrients they need in the form nature intended. These low carbohydrate diets are easy to digest and are only missing the following: chemicals and fillers!  Pets with allergies and digestive problems can benefit from a raw frozen diet using a hypoallergenic protein source such as rabbit.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun, Easy Games To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Has your kitty put on a few pounds?  Here are some fun easy "hunger" games to help your cat lose weight!

Before cats were domesticated, cats would have to hunt for their food several times a day to survive.  Many domesticated cats now lead a sedentary lifestyle, leisurely strolling to the food bowl with minimal exercise throughout the day. Obviously, this along with some pet owners  free feeding their cats, can lead to a kitty becoming overweight.  Obesity in cats is not just a cosmetic problem---it is life threatening.  Diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver and some forms of  cancer are often directly linked to overfeeding and obesity. 

To help combat the weight gain and improve your cat's overall health, you can appeal to their natural hunting instincts by creating some fun, easy games to feed them: 

Here are a few tips to try:
  • Hide food under boxes or bags
  • Place a non-breakable bowl in a high place (bookshelf, cupboard, etc.) so that your kitty has to climb to reach the food
  • Scatter the food in small portions in various places around the house
  • Use a puzzle toy designed for feeding treats to your cat.
  • Attach food to string or fishing line and have them try to catch it
  • Be sure to remove your cat's regular food bowl as hunger is a great motivator 
  • Keep dry food to a minimum as the diets are high in starchy carbohydrates which lead to increased hunger and weight gain.  Raw frozen diets are preferable or use freeze-dried raw.

Monday, September 25, 2017

World's Oldest Cat Nutmeg Passes Away at 32

This past week in England the world's oldest cat, Nutmeg, passed away at the age of 32 from heart failure. Usually domesticated cats only live to an average of 15 years, so this was truly amazing. Nutmeg was a remarkable cat, but so were his adopted parents, who found him in their garden 27 years ago and took incredible care of him. According to Liz and Ian Finlay, his heartbroken owners, Nutmeg took full advantage of all of his nine lives!

Signs to Watch for in Senior Cats
The advances in veterinary care, nutrition and the increase knowledge of supplementing with holistic care are all helping our pets live longer.  Here are red flags to watch for in senior cats.  Early detection and action can help your senior cat enjoy their golden years.
Weight loss or changes in appetite-seek medical attention to determine cause, kidney disease is a common disorder in older kitties that can cause weight loss
Dental Disease (stomatitis)- can cause appetite issues
Change in mobility- joint pain
Litter box issues-urinary tract infections and kidney issues are more common in older cats
Behavior changes- cats may withdraw if not feeling well
Changes in grooming habits-cat are groomers and if they are unkept could be a sign your kitty isn't feeling well.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Fall! Hot Weather Can Affect Your Pet's Health

So happy it's fall!  It's been unseasonably hot here this summer.  The heat is very tough on our pets and can cause stress for them.  Hot weather can cause health issues such as fatigue, lethargy and even seizures in dogs.  Legend, our husky had a seizure recently and even with air conditioning, it turned out it was the hottest day of the year.  Fall is a welcome change!

3 Natural Treatments For Feline Acne

Feline Acne is a condition that can be found in cats of any age (or breed), but is most commonly found in older cats. It is almost always found on the chin and lower lip, where the hair follicles become clogged.  Food and chemicals sensitivities, hyperactive sebaceous glands, stress, poor grooming habits or a compromised immune system can be contributing factors.  If your kitty has bumps on the chin or lip, it is important to seek out the advice of your veterinarian to rule out other causes such as yeast or ringworm and also because the area can become infected.

3 Holistic Tips For Feline Acne:

  1. Disinfect the area daily with topical treatments that can be obtained from your veterinarian.
  2. Change your cat's diet to a hypoallergenic, grain-free diet to help reduce inflammation.  Avoid dry food as it is high in starchy carbohydrates.
  3. Support your cat’s immune system with supplements. Using the Immune Support Kit and Power Probiotic for Pets can help.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Tear Stains in Dogs

Many light-colored dogs develop tear stains under the eye. Breeds such as Maltese, Poodles and Chihuahuas may have their beautiful faces discolored with unsightly dark stains below the eyes. Even large pets such as yellow Labradors may have dark brown stains under the eyes. Tear stains are not just cosmetic and may be a health concern that you need to address.

First, be sure to check with your veterinarian! Some dogs have a genetic predisposition and could be born with an abnormality in tear ducts or have developed blocked tear ducts. Sometimes a dog could have an eye infection unbeknownst to you.  Be sure there isn't some type of structural defect, infection or inflammation. If your veterinarian rules out these conditions, then the next step is to address the problem from a natural standpoint:  change to a hypoallergenic, low carb diet and add a few supplements to enhance your pet's skin and coat and eliminate the unsightly tear stains.

Many times pets have excessive tear staining due to allergies (food & environmental) or a yeast overgrowth. Usually tear stains are not the only sign.  Pet with tear stains may have other conditions such as: bad breath, gas, tummy gurgling, loose stools, vomiting and other skin issues (itchy, coat issues, hotspots...). These are all signs of poor digestion and a problem with the pet's food. Using Power Probiotic for Pets and Soothing Digestives for Pets can help with digestive issues. However, a diet change is often necessary.

The best natural remedies for tear stain elimination are:
Power Probiotic for Pets- The best probiotic for pets!  Backed by scientific research, this powerful multi-strain formula promotes the growth of "friendly" bacteria which are essential to a healthy immune system.  Most pets love the taste too! 

Silver Immune for Pets- The Germinator!  Silver Immune is an all-natural, easy to use remedy that has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-infection properties.  Can use topically to help clean the skin.
NotaSans  - Natural homeopathic formula that fights infection, doggie odor and ear infections.   Gentle, easy to administer and safe for long-term use.

K-9 Yeast Defense - When pets take antibiotics or steroids, it kills off the friendly bacteria as well as the bad bacteria.  This creates an environment for yeast to overgrow.  Brown tear stains that have an odor are often a sign of yeast.  To help fight yeast, it's important to feed a low carbohydrate, hypoallergenic diet and use K9 Yeast Defense.  K9 Yeast Defense contains natural anti-fungal ingredients such as caprylic acid, Pau d'arco and oregano that kill off yeast and help rebalance the intestinal tract.  Using the K9 Yeast Defense along with the Power Probiotic kills off the yeast overgrowth while the Power Probiotic replenishes with healthy, friendly bacteria.

Since diet is a such a key component with tear stains, please be sure to include your pet's current diet on the order form at checkout.  Our nutritionist will include a diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your product directions.

Bird Watching Is Great For Your Cat's Health

It might seem like an idyllic life for your indoor cat to lounge all day, but cats can get bored too.  One way to break up the day and offer your kitties hours of entertainment  is to place a bird feeder strategically outside a window. Instantly you have provided them with a cat T.V. where they can watch birds (and squirrels) come and go. Just make sure you pick a window that has a good viewing ledge to enjoy the view.    Keeping your cat engaged and alert supports their brain and overall health.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Enjoy The Last Week of Summer

There is one last week of summer.  Hope you and your pets have a wonderful week and enjoy the outdoors!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Natural Remedies For Demodex Mange

mange 3

Demodectic Mange, also known as "demodex" is a parasitic skin disease caused by microscopic mites.  All dogs have a few of these mites on their skin.  However, when dogs have a compromised or immature immune system, the mites can take over and increase more rapidly.  Demodectic mange is most commonly found in young pups under two years of age, but adult dogs (especially those that have been through physical or emotional stress) can develop it too.  

Demodectic mange can be itchy but characteristically causes patches of hair loss first starting on the head and then in more aggressive cases, throughout the body. Treatment for mange can involve topical medication, shampoos, dips, oral medication and antibiotics in the case of secondary infections. While the mange may clear up and respond to the treatment, pet owners should be proactive about taking steps to support their pet's immune system as  the pet may continue to have flareups or other immune-related health conditions long-term.  

Holistic care is a crucial part of treating Demodectic mange for the long term health of your pet.  Feeding a hypoallegenic, anti-inflammatory diet along with a few supplements can help the pet get back on track and reduce the likelihood of a flare up. 

Supplements helpful for Demodectic Mange include:
  • Amazing Omegas - Absolutely the best fish oil available for pets.  Packed in glass bottles to prevent leakage of toxins from plastic into the oil.  Purified for heavy metals and toxins.  Manufactured gently so that oils are in bioavailable form, increasing absorption.  Amazing Omegas gives cats and dogs a beautiful lustrous coat and helps promote hair regrowth.
  • Power Probiotic - Power Probiotic is the best probiotic for pets!  Backed by scientific research, this powerful, multi-strain formula promotes the growth of  good, friendly bacteria which boosts your pet's immune system.  Because it fights infection and yeast, Power Probiotic is essential if your pet has taken antibiotics.  Pure and natural, Power Probiotic does not contain any fillers.  It is especially helpful for pets with digestive problems, urinary tract infections, autoimmune disease, skin problems, yeast and allergies.  Many pets love the taste of the Power Probiotic!
  • Immune Harmony - Immune Harmony contains a unique patented sterol formula for immune support, a powerful antioxidant formula which protects the body from free radical damage and an essential fatty acid complex to help with bioavailability of the nutrients.  Immune Harmony helps to rebalance the immune system and can be used with prednisone and/or antibiotics.  This formula is helpful for autoimmune conditions and pets with long-term immune system issues such as demodectic mange and cancer.
  • NotaSAN drops and capsules - our most popular infection fighter.  This product is safe for long-term use to keep infections under control and boost immune function.  Gentle and easy to administer.
  • Silver Immune - The Germinator! This easy-to-use gentle formula is a powerful infection fighter and can be used orally and topically.  
    Just watch as this miracle formula helps to heal the skin.
Feeding a raw food diet can also be beneficial as the fresh nutrients provide enzymes, antioxidants and highly digestible food that support a healthy immune system.

Talking To Your Pet Provides Comfort and Emotional Support

Have you ever had a day when it seems like no one is listening to you? Luckily, if you are a pet owner, you know you have someone at home that will! Researchers at Northwestern University* reported that pet owners (that talk to their pet) find their pets offer emotional support, are thoughtful, and sympathetic, but it may not just be our words. Pets are very intuitive and it may be our non-verbal expressions eliciting a response. So for your own mental health, keep on talking and don’t feel silly. The study also found that those that talked to their pets had above-average intelligence.

Have a question about your cat or dog?  Please email us at and we respond promptly.  Ask Ariel offers all natural supplements and pet nutrition advice to keep your pet happy and healthy!
*Epley, N., Waytz, A., Akalis, S., & Cacioppo, J. T. (2008). When we need a human: Motivational determinants of anthropomorphism

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Natural Remedy For Collapsed Trachea Helps Senior Maltese Dog

"My 13 yr old maltese has been struggling with a dry cough and passing out due to her collapsing trachea. I got UltraFlex, and I can not believe it, 3rd day, no coughing or passing out. It is truly a miracle, and I am a customer for the rest of her life. Thank you so much, she is my fur baby."  L Barrett  CA

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hug Your Dog Or Cat Every Day

The second Sunday in September has been designated as a day to shower your pup with love.  Ami Moore, author and Canine Behaviorist, created National Hug Your Hound Day to help make America more “pup friendly”.  While yesterday was officially Hug Your Hound Day, please take the time to STOP right now and give your cat or dog a hug.  Life is precious and enjoy every wonderful moment you have with your special pet.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sending Love And Heartfelt Prayers for Florida

We are sending love and heartfelt prayers for Florida as hurricane Irma approaches.  We hope that the storm passes quickly and that the people, pets and animals of Florida will pull through ok.

Friday, September 8, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Cat Dandruff

Have you noticed white flakes on your cat’s fur? If the answer is yes, your cat could be suffering from Cat Dandruff.  You may think it is just cosmetic, but it could be a sign of a medical condition.  Your cat’s skin is a reflection of how your kitty feels on the inside so while topical lotions may provide some short-term relief, getting to the root cause is the only way to solve the problem.

Along with the white flakes, you may notice that your cat is scratching more (especially around the ears) and the skin in the affected area is inflamed.  Some of the most common causes of cat dandruff are allergies, poor diet lacking essential omega 3 fatty acids, diabetes, hormonal deficiencies, and poor grooming (often occurs in older cats).   It is important to see your veterinarian to determine the cause of your pet’s dandruff, as some conditions will require medical treatment.

Cats with dandruff and allergies can benefit from a hypoallergenic,  low carbohydrate diet.  Best options are to eliminate dry food (high in starchy carbohydrates) and choose a raw frozen or freeze dried raw novel protein diet in combination with some canned. Some proteins such as poultry are an allergen for many cats so avoiding common food allergens is very helpful.   Power Probiotic,  Proaller and Notatum Drops are very helpful for improving allergy symptoms, scratching and itching.   Amazing Omegas is a concentrated therapeutic fish oil providing a powerhouse of Omega 3s in just a few drops.  These omega 3s can give your cat a lustrous, beautiful coat and help eliminate dandruff. 
For more information about cat dandruff and to learn more about food allergies, visit  

Free Diet Advice For Your Cat or Dog

In the age of automation, stands out. Not only do we process your order promptly, but we do it the old fashioned way with a personal touch! We review every order and include a special note with diet tips custom tailored to your pet's condition. (Please note we cannot provide veterinary advice!). We care about your pet and want you to get the very best results when you use our products. We firmly believe that to help your pet feel better, diet changes are an integral part of the healing process. Healthy Diet + All Natural Supplements = Healthy Pet

If you have a pet and need advice about which supplements help a particular health condition, please email us at  Please know we cannot provide veterinary advice but we can direct you to articles on our website and will include a free diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your order.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Diet and Supplements Help Vomiting Rescue Kitty

"Benny IS a beautiful boy! Not just on the outside, but also on the inside with a gentle and giving soul. I first met him at the St. Paul Animal Humane Society. His human mom had passed away and her husband didn't understand why Benny was so loud and cried so much, so he gave Benny up.  He was sleeping when I first saw him and I stroked his chin. In his sleep, he reached out his paw, touched my hand and melted my heart. I may have saved him (that day), but really, he SAVED me…Truly!

His diet consisted of only dried kibble at the Humane Society. I slowly weaned him to wet food (chicken) after bringing him home, but after a few weeks he began to throw everything up, even chicken broth... it was scary! However, after eight months, I am so excited to say that with your helpful diet suggestions and the Ask Ariel products, Benny is in fine health. I am a very very grateful furr-mom! The two mainstays of Benny's supplemental regime are the Power Probiotics for Pets and the Soothing Digestive Relief for Pets. The Notatum drops were very helpful recently too, when his poopies became diarrhea-like.  I can't tell you how much less anxious I am knowing that I have the means to help him when he needs it. For a 14+ year old, he's living a very good life and I couldn't do it without you all at Ask Ariel!
Thank You"  Geri, Minnesota


Saturday, September 2, 2017

What To Do When Your Pet Doesn't Want to Eat

Your pet is not eating and you don't know why?  Some pets have food preferences just like we do and some pets can be especially finicky.  However, it is important to determine if the issue is a behavior problem (being finicky) or a medical issue. Inappetence can be a serious sign.  If your pet is not eating, it often is because your pet isn’t feeling well.  Watching your pet closely can tell you a lot about the underlying cause of why your pet does not want to eat.  

Some important points to observe:
  • Is it a certain time of day?  Perhaps mornings?
  • Is it certain foods?
  • Is it environmental?
  • Other pets/people around?  
  • Location of feeding bowls? (some cats prefer high spots)
Be sure to take your pet to your veterinarian if you notice any signs of inappetance. Causes of inappetance can range from kidney or liver disease to gastrointestinal conditions such as pancreatitis.   The longer you wait to take them to the vet, the longer your pet may feel uncomfortable. 

After your vet determines the cause of your pet's inappetance, a change in diet (depending upon the reason) along with a few supplements can make a world of difference.   The following supplements are helpful for inappetance:

Gastro ULC  Gastro ULC For Pets is a natural remedy for cats and dogs with acid stomach, reflux and vomiting

Soothing Digestive Relief -- Enzyme formula that soothes the stomach, relieves gas, indigestion and tummy rumbling.

Power Probiotic -  The Best probiotic for dogs and cats.  Power Probiotic is pure, natural and contains no fillers. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Helping Pets Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Rescued Pets After Hurricane Harvey
This last week Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Coast causing severe damage. The devastation was not over after the initial hit. Tropical Storm Harvey continued to unleash historic amounts of rain for several more days in the Houston area.  It transformed streets to rivers and low-lying areas to lakes. Watching the reporting was heartbreaking, as human victims struggled to find shelter and safety. Unfortunately, with the quick rise of water, many pets and animals had to be left behind.

However, there was a bright spot during these cloudy days, as the remarkable stories of generosity began to surface. Texans and Americans from across the country were mobilizing to help displaced victims in their time of need.  However, generosity did not only extend to the human victims, but also to the many pets that were abandoned and lost during the storms. Rescue groups and animal care organizations from all over the country came to help save and rescue the animals. Truckloads of shelter pets were transported to other states to make room for Harvey pets in the hopes they will be reunited with their families.  Many pets have been reunited and others are receiving veterinary care, food and shelter while they wait for their owners or adoption.   Texans have shown unprecedented care and concern for the animals.   Thank You to all the First Responders, Animal Rescue and Welfare Organizations and Volunteers that put the needs of others above their own!