Monday, November 16, 2015

November Is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

The holidays are fast approaching and many people may be considering adding a new furry friend to their family.  In honor of November being Adopt a Senior Pet Month, we would ask that you consider an older pet! We know how cute those bouncy, little puppies can be, but here are some reasons to consider a senior pet for adoption.
·         You know what you get- Their size, grooming needs, and for the most part their temperament (the shelter or foster parents can give you great insight)
·         The majority of older pets have already been potty trained... a big plus!
·         Less puppy-proofing or kitten-proofing of your home will be needed, which includes protecting your items from destructive chewing.

·         Many shelter pets have been well socialized with families and other pets before being relinquished. This can help them understand the human language and behaviors, allowing them to fit right in with your family. (Dispelling the belief that most shelter pets have been abused or neglected.)
·         Of course they will need exercise, but seniors are usually happy with a nice walk. This also may make them a good choice for senior citizens, who may have a less active lifestyle and love the companionship.
·         It is a myth that age means health problems. Younger pets can have many health problems that lead to large medical bills too. Plus, often age related conditions, such as arthritis, can be managed with proper care. Our Arthritis Package has helped many older pets continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

·         Your Stage of Life- The stage of life you are in may determine that an older pet may be a better fit. Adopting a puppy is a longer and more involved commitment (their life expectancy, potty training, obedience training, etc). Perhaps you have kids leaving home, you’re a senior yourself or you do not have the time to train a puppy, a senior that can still offer you all the unconditional love and companionship may be the perfect answer.