Saturday, August 1, 2015

Supplements for Elbow Dysplasia in Rottweilers and Other Large Breed Dogs

Rottweilers are  one of the most effected breeds of elbow dysplasia.    Other breeds include:  Chow, German Shepherd (GSD), Bernese Mountain Dog and Retrievers.  Elbow dysplasia is thought to be a failure of cartilage turning to bone during skeletal maturation.  It  can be a painful crippling disease that can progress to Degenerative Joint Disease (arthritis /osteoarthritis) and possible front leg lameness.  The primary cause of elbow dysplasia is believed to be genetics, and most dogs may be asympotmatic carriers. 

Signs and Diagnosis of Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia can be very hard to diagnose, and not be found until adulthood, when the disease has progressed. In others, it may be  detected as early as 6 months and preventive measures can be taken.  The signs may be obvious,  front leg lameness , or a swollen elbow sticking outward from the chest, but  often dogs will not show their pain and you may not have any idea how much discomfort your pet is in.  The best way to detect Elbow Dysplasia is to have a veterinarian perform a physical exam and get comprehensive x-rays of  both elbows.

Treatment for Elbow Dysplasia:

Some dogs may be a candidate for surgery, depending on their age and the actual defect, but many can be managed quite well with a holistic protocol.  It will include: maintaining an ideal body weight, using a fresh grain-free diet, regular exercise (even if limited, movement helps) and joint support supplements.  The supplements would include those to protect and strengthen the joints and those to relieve pain and inflammation. We highly recommend the Arthritis and Joint Support Kit. which will help maintain your pets quality of life.  Special SAMe is also scientifically proven to help with inflammation and joint support and seems to be the most effective specifically for elbow and hip dysplasia. Sometimes pain medications are necessary but these should be used AFTER and in conjunction with a comprehensive natural supplement program.  Medications are treating the pain while supplements are actually helping to repair and support the joints and ligaments.

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