Saturday, June 27, 2015

Acuscope Therapy For Pets: Casper swimmer puppy After Treatment

Acuscope really works! Casper wasn't able to walk and lie flat on his belly.  He wasn't able to move very much and it was heartbreaking to watch. He would have been put to sleep had it not been for the excellent and fast results of the acuscope treatments.  Acuscope can help with hip dysplasia, arthritis and overall mobility issues.  To learn more, read our prior blog article about treatments and how this state of the art treatment can help.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Symptoms of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and Holistic Treatments

One of the most common reasons people take their cats to the veterinarian is because of urinary tract problems. When the bladder is not able to empty correctly, due to infection, bladder stones, blockage of the urethra (urethral plug) or inflammation, your cat can exhibit some or all of these signs. 

Symptoms of FLUTD: 
 Urinating outside the box
  Frequent trips to the litter box
  Straining or vocalizing in the box because they have irritated or inflamed bladders
  Exhibiting symptoms of pain: hunched up, crying, drinking more water, inappropriate urination
  Visible blood in the litter box 
Some risk factors can include, diet (eating dry food),being overweight, stress, genetics, breed, sex (urethral plug can be deadly to male cats) and age. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) can develop at any age, but usually occurs at about four years of age. It is important to see your veterinarian if you suspect a problem, because there could be an underlining cause. Endocrine diseases, hyperthyroidism, or diabetes can all cause urinary problems. To determine a diagnosis your veterinarian will, usually, conduct a physical exam, a urinalysis, urine culture, blood work, and possibly x-rays and ultrasounds. Some risk factors include, eating dry food, stress, genetics and even the sex (urethral plug can be deadly to male cats).
After the tests are conducted and conditioned is diagnosed, a comprehensive plan can be made to improve your cat’s health.  

Holistic Treatments for Cats with FLUTD
1.)  Diet change- Avoid fish, dry food, and poultry.  Fish and poultry are big allergens for cats similar to gluten and dairy for people.  Dry food is hard to digest and cats thrive on a high moisture diet.  If you order supplements at be sure to include what you are feeding your cat and a diet suggestion will be included on the packing slip with your order. 
2.)  Medication-per vet instructions
3.)  Holistic supplements:
NotaSAN and QuentaSAN- powerful immune support formulas, a must have for pets with chronic urinary infections
Akutur- helps reduce inflammation that occurs in the bladder walls after chronic infections, by reducing inflammation, the area is better able to heal once and for all
Pet UTI Prevention – esssential herbs proven to help reduce inflammation, promote healing, displace and kill pathogens from the urinary tact
Power Probiotic for Pets- essential for your pet’s good health because they support digestion, help fight infection and enhance overall immunity

4.)  Lifestyle changes -reduction of stress
5.)  Surgery or Urinary Catheter-to remove the stones or blockage

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Coughing

If your dog develops a cough, it's important to contact your veterinarian.  The cough can be very subtle and seem like nothing, but it should always be viewed as an important clue.  A cough can range from a simple gag reflex resulting from drinking water too quickly to a sign of cancer.  A cough can be a symptom of a contagious condition (kennel cough) and you will need to be cautious about letting your dog be around other pets.  Some breeds are more likely to cough as a result of a collapsing trachea and addressing the condition early can help slow it's progression. A cough should not be taken lightly and always warrants a visit to the vet.


Tessie's Story
 A few years after we adopted our rescue dog Tessie, we noticed a very subtle cough.  It occured infrequently and didn't seem to bother her.  However, we brought her to the veterinarian and after a month of repeated ultrasounds, a tiny mass was found on her heart.  Unfortunately our beloved dog had hemangiosarcoma.  While we were devastated with her diagnoses, we were grateful we found the mass early because hemangiosarcoma is one of the most aggressive cancers and had we not known about her condition, the tumor could have burst unexpectedly.  Finding the cause of her cough ensured that Tessie had a good quality of life without suffering. 

If your pet is coughing, here are some possible causes:

Kennel Cough: One of the most common cause of coughing, in an otherwise healthy dog, is found to be  kennel cough. It is a very contagious disease and your dog should avoid exposure to other dogs. The cough will tend to be a dry, deep, hacking cough and may be worse when exercising our walking on a leash. Using Quentans and Notatum can be helpful and adding Amazing Omegas for immune support should be considered.

Pneumonia or Bronchitis: Your pet may have a wet cough, and you may hear a gurgling sound.  In addition to coughing, your pet could also have loss of discharge from the eyes and nose, loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, lethargy and difficulty breathing. Antibiotics will be prescribed and using
Quentans and Notatum can be helpful along with K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic.

Obstruction: If it is sudden onset, your pet is gagging and licking their lips, they could have something stuck in their throat. If it continues, or grows worse, seek medical attention right a way.

Collapsing Trachea: Many tiny breed dogs may be predisposed to a collapsing trachea. They may make a honking sound (similar to a goose) and it is made worst with pressure of a collar or pulling on a leash. It can also happen after eating or drinking. You can read more on our blog about collapsing trachea.  Holistic supplements including Amazing Omegas and Ultra-flex Collagen for Pets can help.

Heart Disease: Coughing can be a sign of congestive heart failure, especially if your pet coughs at night when they lay down. Treatment will depend on  how severe the problem is and the overall condition of your pet. We have found that  Amazing Omegas, Purrfect Pet CoQ10, and  Resveratrol for Dogs for Pets have been shown to be beneficial for our clients.

Cancer: Coughing can accompany fluid accumulation around the chest and lungs (pleural effusion) making breathing difficult.  The pet may be panting, have difficulty settling down, have exercise intolerance and water retention in the belly.  Pleural effusion may occur due to non-cancerous causes such as an infection or congestive heart failure,  so determining if there is a tumor is essential.  An ultrasound, XRAYs and biopsy of the fluid, along with other laboratory tests are often needed.   Onco-X, Resveratrol for Dogs and Purrfect Pet CoQ10 are helpful to use along with medications prescribed by your veterinarian.

There are other reasons why your dog may be coughing and this is only a partial list. It's important to understand though, that a cough should not be ignored as timing could be crucial to your pet's welfare.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Holistic Supplements helps Westie with Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Many thanks to Wendi Kushner for sending in Feebee's testimonial.  We are so happy Feebee is feeling better!

Feebee is an 11 year old Westie and had been having recurrent UTI's for about 6 months.  She would go off the antibiotics and within a few weeks would have symptoms again.  Our vet did an ultrasound which was normal and then suggested we switch her from a kibble diet to canned and raw food.  I discovered your website online and started her on Power Probiotic for Pets, Pet UTI Prevention, Quentans, Notatum, and Amazing Omegas for Pets.  I'm delighted to report that she hasn't had a UTI since starting this regimen, she loves her new food, and her skin is better than it's ever been (she has allergies too).  Feebee is one happy dog and I am a very happy owner!  Many thanks! 

Wendi Kushner -Texas, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Holistic Treatments Help Senior Beagle Mix with Cancer

Michelle first reached out to us in March of 2012 when Tally (her beloved senior beagle mix) was diagnosed with Perianal gland carcinoma, IBD, bouts of pancreatitis and some seasonal allergies.

Tally went on a hypoallergenic raw frozen diet and over a period of time, used the following supplements – Power Probiotics for pets, K-9 Digestive Enzymes and Lypozyme to prevent pancreatitis and for the cancer:  Oxicell (topical antioxidant cream) and Onco X which is a comprehensive multi-vitamin for cancer

Here is Tally’s journey and how holistic treatments helped him:

Update 2/6/13
Prior to Susan designing this diet, Tally had frequent bouts of diarrhea, vomiting and pancreatitis.  He was on 5mg of Prednisone every 2-3 days.  After I began the diet, he NEVER had diarrhea, vomiting or pancreatitis again, and he was able to be taken off the Prednisone completely within 2-weeks of starting the diet.  WHAT A MIRACLE!! 

Update 3/4/14
Hi Susan,
Just to let you know my 13-1/2 year old dog, Tally was at the vet today and his ALT level is normal.  Thank you for recommending Lypozyme, and thank you for recommending the diet he has been on for over 2-years.  I tell everybody about you! 

Update 4/25/15
Susan Blake Davis and the Ask Ariel staff are just incredible.  I remember when I was so apprehensive of the diet and supplements  because I tried so many different things throughout my dog's life.  I was totally astonished when Tally came off prednisone in just a few weeks using her program, and my vet was even amazed.  I recommended Ask Ariel to a friend who had a dog with a huge liver tumor and was told by her vet that she would probably need to be put down within a few weeks.  With the help of Ask Ariel, that dog could go for walks again and had a good quality of life for an additional 1-1/2 years.  Tally is almost 15 years old and he would never have lived this long if it were not for Susan Blake and Ask Ariel products. 

Michelle and Tally 
Pennsylvania, 2015
Thursday, June 4, 2015

July 5th is the Highest Euthanasia Rate at the Shelters--You can Help!

The worst day for euthanasia in the shelters is July 5 because the animals are so scared from the fireworks and are left outside. Since there isn't room at the shelters for all of the new animals, many are euthanized unnecessarily.

There are several ways you can help: 1) please be sure your pet is secure on July 4th INSIDE 2) please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue 3) Donations of any amount to your local shelter or rescue are needed more than any other time RIGHT NOW!
Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pet Cancer Awareness

Pet Cancer Awareness is observed each May to bring attention to the types, frequency and options for pets with cancer. All pets, regardless of breed are at risk to developing cancer and as they age, the percentages increase (approximately 30% in older dogs according to the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine). We at Ask Ariel are here to help…here are two recent emails about pets with cancer and what we recommended  

Q: I am brand new to your site but I have heard the most amazing things about your team.  My furry baby, a maltese mix who is 10 years old just underwent a splenectomy for multiple masses on her spleen. Her spleen will be biopsied and then we will get results in the next few days. Regardless of the outcome, I want to get her on a wonderful plan of care…can you help?

A: We have so many great articles on our website about nutrition, and also on cancer, be sure to check them out. Quite frequently, although not always, pets that need a splenectomy have cancer.   We recommend the Pet Cancer Package along with the Liver Support Kit (Lypozyme, Power Probiotic and Liver Support formula)

Q: My cat has been diagnosed with cutaneous and splenic mast cell tumors (there's no tumor but the
spleen is enlarged and cancerous cells have been found there as well).I'm torn what approach to take.

I'm thinking of going the oral chemo route to see how he reacts, but I'm wondering if there are additional supplements I can give him? Currently he is on a prescription diet, this has worked for him and halted reoccurrence of his UTI issues. But I also read that high protein, hypoallergenic, grain-free food will reduce overall inflammation, your thoughts?

A: Sorry your kitty has been so sick.  The diet you are using is not what we would recommend for a pet with cancer.  It contains grains, chemicals and pets with cancer need a low carbohydrate diet.  To prevent UTIs and bladder problems, use Pet UTI prevention formula, Power Probiotic, Notatum drops (these are incredible and very easy to administer to cats) and Renelix (helps prevent crystals).  If you use this combination and switch to a better diet, you will greatly improve your cat's immune health overall.  We have treated many pets with chronic urinary problems that have switched from the prescription foods to a natural diet and used the supplements with only great results.

The AllerEaze, Amazing Omegas and Immune Harmony along with the above products is a very good combination.  The Onco-X is a fantastic product but doesn't taste very good so it is harder to administer to a cat.  You would have to put it in a syringe and mix with broth......just letting you know because you might want to try some of the other