Friday, March 28, 2014

Green Beans- A Healthy Treat For Your Dog

Green beans also known as string beans, are a good source of vitamins, minerals (including vitamin K, vitamin C, and manganese) and dietary fiber for your dog.  They can also improve digestion and absorption. If you have an overweight dog, adding green beans to your dog's food can greatly help.    This would allow you to replace the higher calorie food with a low calorie, nutritious alternative.  Simply reduce your dog's food by 1/3 and replace with an equivalent amount of green beans or other vegetables.  For small pets, you will need to chop them up small.  While the picture shows the dog eating greens beans straight out of a bowl, more likely they will be a food you need to mix into the dog food. Green beans are also inexpensive, compared to some specialty weight loss dog foods on the market.  Dogs can eat them either raw or cooked, but don’t add any spices like salt, pepper, garlic or sugar,  just keep them plain. We have found many dogs enjoy frozen green beans as a healthy treat.