Thursday, December 5, 2013

What to Do for a Cocker Spaniel with Allergies?

Q. I have a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel who has suffered with allergies for years and nothing helps! She scratches until she has sores on her skin that get infected and require antibiotics.  She also has "icky" stuff in her ears.  We have spent so much on vet bills to help her and don't know what else to do...can you recommend anything?

A. We know how hard it is to see your pet suffer and it can be very frustrating when it feels as though you are just treating symptoms.  Holistic care can make a tremendous difference.  Holistic care looks at the patient as a "whole" and pieces together the various symptoms.   Sometimes pets get into a vicious cycle of repeated courses of antibiotics with no success because the dog continues to eat foods that are overloading its immune system.  Getting to the root cause of the symptom is key. Here is a link to an article on pet allergies that explains how diet can affect a pet's skin and cause allergy symptoms.

It is essential to give your pet a fresh diet, avoiding key allergens such as poultry, beef, grains, dairy, etc.  Adding steamed vegetables such as green beans can promote healthy digestion.   Pet Allergy & Skin package with the addition of Quentans works wonders with dogs that have had chronic skin conditions like your cocker spaniel's and can help your dog develop a stronger immune system.

Pet Allergy & Skin Package includes: Amazing Omegas, ProAller, and  Notatum -This comprehensive package will reduce redness, itching, hot spots, licking and chewing on paws, hair loss and also provides valuable nutrients for your dog or cat.

Quentans is a powerful anti-viral, anti-infection formula that when used with  Notatum  on alternate nights, can  boost your pet's immune system and clear up red spots and sores.