Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Feline Upper Respiratory Infections


Symptoms of a feline URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) can appear as if your cat has a cold.   Symptoms include:  sneezing, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis, fever,  discharges from the nose or eyes, and lack of appetite.  The cold symptoms can seem to go on for months.  These symptoms are often caused by a virus such as feline herpes.  Since feline upper respiratory infections are viral in nature, antibiotics are not especially helpful (just as with human colds or flu).  It can be discouraging to watch your cat suffer long-term with this chronic condition and there may be bouts of hope as the symptoms wax and wane.  While conventional veterinary medical options are limited, holistic treatments for feline URIs can make a significant improvement in the cat's life.

Holistic treatments for feline upper respiratory infection is covered in a more comprehensive way in this article about feline viruses.  A holistic approach encompasses a two-fold approach:  changing your cat's diet to strengthen the immune system and using a few supportive supplements to control the virus.   It is essential for cat owners who have a cat with a viral infection to keep anti-viral supplements on hand in the event of a flareup.  After trying many different supplements, we have seen the best success using two key immune support products Quentans (alternated with Notatum) that provide fast relief of symptoms.  For longer term immune support, the Immune Harmony has been very helpful as it is a plant sterol product well-tolerated by cats.  The cat's diet needs to be grain-free and hypoallergenic using a novel protein to booster the immune system. 
Zin's Story

"Just wanted to thank you. Our 4 year old Selkirk Rex, Zin, was adopted through a rescue when he was 2. He was recently diagnosed with the Herpes Virus; which explained a lot of his illnesses since we have had him. Two months ago, he became ill with a really bad cold; he could hardly breathe and soon stopped eating and drinking. We took him to two Vets, both tried hard to help him with antibiotics and antihistamines; but he still was suffering. I found your website and ordered the Quentans and the Notatum drops and gave them to him daily. He is now almost back to his normal little self and we are so grateful! He is eating and drinking. He even jumped his little brother tonight! His breathing is pretty much normal now for his flat little nose. "Thanks again for helping our Zin!

The Olson Family, Virginia 2013