Friday, November 1, 2013

Torn ACL in Dog? Canine Comfort Offers Natural Pain Relief

Does your dog have a torn ACL? Is your dog limping? In pain? Try Canine Comfort.  Regular joint support supplements won't help when a dog has an ACL tear, torn ligament or injury.  Canine Comfort is an herbal pain relief supplement for dogs that reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

Very helpful for dogs with sprains, tears such as ACL Tears, hip dysplasia and torn ligaments.   Canine Comfort is a dog supplement that contains ingredients proven to reduce inflammation and pain.  It helps with joint  pain, limping and dog stiffness due to arthritis, old age, tears or osteosarcoma. Canine Comfort contains a combination of key ingredients to help inflammation:  turmeric (curcumin), proteolytic enzymes, boswelia and other herbs which have been to shown to reduce pain.   Many clients report improvement in their dogs in just a few days.