Sunday, November 24, 2013

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month


Did you know that,  according to the Animal Cancer Foundation, one out of every  four dogs and one out of every five cats will develop cancer at some point in their life?  It is a shocking statistic, but a diagnosis we hear all too often  at There are many contributing factors that lead to a pet developing cancer including, genetic predisposition, environmental factors and age ( yes, risk factors go up as your pet gets older).  However, as in humans, the treatment options have expanded over time and may include traditional and holistic protocols, or a combination of  both. Diet and supplements for cat and dog cancer treatment can make a tremendous difference in the quality and longevity of your pet's life.  The Pet Cancer Package  has helped  many cats and dogs to tolerate chemotherapy without interfering with the medications.  Pets have more energy on the Pet Cancer Package which contains many nutrients researched to be helpful for cancer such as green tea, IP-6, carnitine, ginseng, astragalus and more-- all in one convenient package.  Amazing Omegas is essential for all pets with cancer.

Know the Warning Signs of Cancer

Common Signs of Cancer In Pets 
• Difficulty eating or swallowing 
• Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow 
• Sores that do not heal 
• Weight loss and/or loss of appetite
• Pet just not acting like himself, behavior changes
• Bleeding or discharge from any body opening 
• Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating 
• Persistent lameness or stiffness 
• Hesitance to exercise or loss of stamina

Remember, early detection is key and the best way to protect your pet is to watch for the signs above and bring your pet in to the veterinarian for an exam and laboratory testing.
Thursday, November 21, 2013

When Does a Pet Most Need A Probiotic?

When Does a Pet Most Need A Probiotic?
Probiotics have been scientifically proven to benefit all pets, young and old.  However, there are times when a cat or dog especially needs a boost to their immune system.  Here are some examples:

  • Pets that have been on antibiotics (antibiotics kill off the friendly bacteria as well as the bad bacteria
  • Pets with any type of digestive problems (loose stool, constipation, bad breath, vomiting, inappetance, picky eating)
  • Pets that have allergies or who have had a steroid shot
  • Pets with liver or kidney problems
  • Pets with ear infections, urinary tract infections and upper respiratory infections
  • Pets having seizures (seizures are often triggered by allergies)
  • Pets that are eating a raw food diet

Power Probiotic, is a multi-strain probiotic formula, scientifically tested in high heat, guaranteed to survive your pet's stomach acid and easy to administer. Power Probiotic is easy to use---just open the capsule, mix this tasteless powder into your pet's food---it is safe for even the  tiniest pets and is helpful even if a pet is taking multiple medications.
Monday, November 18, 2013

IBD Success Story: 8 Year Old Dog Chloe Finally Gets Better!

8 year old Mini-Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle)
Has IBD and Had Been on Prednisone

Thursday, November 14, 2013 
"Susan, I feel so fortunate to have found you - if you only knew - I’m at a loss for the words every time expressing all the emotions, feelings, relief, peace and happiness as I watch her sit at my feet waiting for her food and if I take too long, hearing her whimper a little “hurry up mom” -- like music to my ears.  Seeing and reading success stories from other people was a draw for me in the pursuit of trying to find REAL help for Chloe.   It is so important to spread the word about how a good diet plays such a vital role in a pet’s well-being and noting how much your supplements help add to enhance that as well. She is currently taking Power Probiotic, Soothing Digestive Relief, Lypozyme, Notatum and the Liver/Gallbladder supplements and has been completely off the steroids.  Sometimes, people are just very skeptical about it all -- but boy what a difference it makes!"    Mary and Chloe, Reside In Virginia

A look back:
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 
Q.    I have an 8 yr old minischnoodle who has IBD.  She has had several bouts over the last 2 years and they are getting progressively worse with each incident.   Can you help???
A.    Yes, absolutely we can help.  There is a lot you can do to solve these problems.  Our nutritionist looked at the diet and thought there are much better options.  Also, you definitely need to get your dog started on our IBD Kit.   Just trying to tackle IBD alone without supplements is nearly impossible.  

Update- Monday, September 23, 2013
"I thought you would be happy to hear how well Chloe is doing.  She is now completely transitioned to the diet you recommended.  She is doing unbelievably/remarkably well!  I couldn't be happier with how she looks, how she's acting/jumping/running around, the look of her stool - normal (first time in her little LIFE!).
I cannot thank you enough - there are no words that could justify/express my gratitude - you've changed Chloe's life and mine.  I know you know how my heart would just break to see her struggle or hurt.  You made such a difference in our lives with your plans, ideas, suggestions and supplements and gave us something we can work with that actually makes a difference and improves the quality of life! "   Mary and Chloe

Update-Thursday, October 10, 2013 
"Hi Susan!  Still doing REALLY good here  - THANKS TO YOU!!  I've just introduced the Liver/Gallbladder supplement to Chloe's diet and we are doing pretty good on the steroid decrease process as well.  Thanks to you, she's her cute little self again - both my husband and I could not be happier with the results we are seeing.  She is now fully transitioned on the diet and she loves it!  We've split her meals a little (as you suggested) - she's very food driven normally - and being on the steroids I guess contributes to that even more so - splitting the meals seems to help.  At 2 to 3 walks a day, she's getting lots of fresh air and exercise too - it is our time and lots of fun.  My God when I think about the situation we were in before contacting you, -- it overwhelms me and brings me to tears because if things had not gotten better I fear I would have been facing the unthinkable!  I'm so amazed by her progress and so very thankful to you for how you changed all that and turned our lives around!"

Does your cat or dog have IBD?  We would love to help.  Learn more about how a natural diet and supplements can help dogs and cats get well from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

How Long To Use Pet Supplements For a Dog's Urinary Tract Infection and Struvite Crystals

Dear Ask Ariel:   My dog Chelsea was having chronic urinary tract infections--3 infections in 6 months!  She also had struvite crystals.  You recommended that I use a few supplements and make some diet changes.  I have been using the Renelix, Pet UTI Prevention Formula and Power Probiotic for several months now with my dog.  I also made the diet changes you recommended.  My veterinarian just repeated the urine tests. The test results from the last urinalysis shows no crystals. Does this mean she is cured and I can reduce the supplements I currently give her?

Ask Ariel:
So glad Chelsea is feeling so much better! This is a very good question.  Supplements are very different than medications.  Medications treat a problem and when the symptom goes away, you stop the medication.  So for example, you used antibiotics to treat Chelsea's initial infection and once the bacterial overgrowth subsided, you stopped the medication.  However, since there was a high likelihood the bacterial overgrowth could occur again,  we introduced the supplements to try to prevent another infection.  Pet supplements are needed more from a preventative standpoint than medications which work from a treatment perspective.  Pet supplements help the body to heal and when you stop the supplement, the problem can usually return because the body is no longer getting the support it needs.  So for example, if you stop the Renelix, given Chelsea's propensity to get bladder struvite crystals, there is a good chance she will get them again.  Thus, it is best to stay on the supplements to prevent these type of health issues from recurring.
Thursday, November 14, 2013

Watch Your Cat's Litterbox Habits for Signs of Cat Health

Watching your cat's litterbox habits is an important part of monitoring their health.   Sometimes cats will literally  urinate in a place you see in order to get your attention.  While this could be behavioral, it could also be that your cat is trying to tell you something. If you notice that your cat is going outside the litter box, it could indicate that your cat is stressed, or may have a UTI.   If there is diarrhea,  it could be IBD . If at anytime you see blood in the urine, be sure to take your cat to the veterinarian as this could be a sign of an infection. Diet and nutritional supplements such as Power Probiotic, Notatum and Akutur are very helpful (and easy to administer) to cats with a history of urinary tract and bladder infections.

Kitty Litterbox Etiquette:  Helpful Hints for Monitoring Your Cat's Litterbox

  • Be sure to place litterboxes in a place to make your cat comfortable.
  • If you have multiple cats,  have at least one more than the number of cats in the household—more is better. 
  • Keep the litterbox away from noisy appliances as it can make your cat nervous
  •  Keep the litterbox far away from food and water 
  •  If you have multiple stories, be sure there is a litterbox on each floor.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Causes of Urinary Crystals in Cats

Q: I have 2 male cats that have come down with crystals , what causes them and how do I get rid of them and keep them gone?

A: Crystals form when there is an imbalance in the urinary pH.  Different types of crystals form depending upon whether the urine is too acidic or too alkaline.  A raw frozen diet such as the Primal, Instinct or Stella and Chewy's raw frozen rabbit can promote a neutral pH. Grains and carbohydrates can increase the likelihood of infection in susceptible cats so be sure to use a high protein, high moisture diet that is a hypoallergenic protein source.

In addition to a good diet, it is important to use supplements that
1) reduce urinary inflammation-- NotaSAN drops and Akutur drops are very helpful for cats that have multiple urinary tract infections.  .  
2) promote the growth of good “friendly” bacteria in the urinary tract with Power Probiotic
3) clear toxins and sediments from the urinary tract as well as protect the delicate structures of the urinary tract and bladder with Renelix.
Retest your kitty's urine to ensure that the proper pH is maintained. We have had excellent results keeping cats free of urinary crystals when the diet and supplement program is used consistently.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Veteran's Day Postal Holiday--Expect Shipping Delays!

Before The Holiday Weekend
Please Check Your Supplement Supplies!

july 4th

Please check to be sure you have enough supplements to last through next week.  Monday is  Veteran's day which is a postal holiday! Please don't let the shipping delays affect your pet's health.

Giving Thanks To The Veterans Who Fight For Our Freedom Every Day!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

French Bulldog with Allergies Stops Scratching


"Dear Susan: 

Our sweet French Bulldog Maestro was scratching his face and tearing his fur out.  He is very sensitive and we didn't want to keep giving him prescription medications.  Benadryl would just knock him out and we wanted our doggie to feel better. We tried several diet changes and a few itch-relief supplements from other brands but nothing worked.  Then, we found AskAriel.  I am happy to report that after using the Pet Allergy & Skin Supplement Package, Maestro started to get better right away.  He loves the Amazing Omegas on his food!  A patch of fur that he kept chewing on is finally growing back.  Thanks for the diet tips too.  We are very happy we found Ask Ariel."
Amy Elder  November 2013
Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finicky Cats May Have Acid Stomach

"Many cats are a little bit finicky about the textures and smells with their food. If your cat is finicky, one way to keep up their interest is to use alternating flavors, textures and forms of food. Be sure to avoid grains such as wheat, rice, corn and other fillers.  Cats are carnivores and need a high protein diet.   Use different flavors such as lamb, venison and rabbit---sticking with just fish or poultry can lead to food allergies.  Use canned and raw frozen food for best results.

If your kitty is acting extra finicky, be sure to take her to the veterinarian. Finicky eating, accompanied by weight loss in older cats can be a sign of kidney disease.  Kidney disease is very common in senior cats and to help slow the progression of the disease and the picky eating, use Power Probiotic, Gastro ULC and Kidney Terrain Power Probiotic repopulates friendly intestinal flora which supports kidney health and improves digestion.  Gastro ULC contains soothing nutrients to coat the stomach and ease pain which can increase a kitty's appetite.  Kidney Terrain provides nourishment for the kidneys, is easy to use and is good as a preventative for senior cats even if kidney function is still normal.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Torn ACL in Dog? Canine Comfort Offers Natural Pain Relief

Does your dog have a torn ACL? Is your dog limping? In pain? Try Canine Comfort.  Regular joint support supplements won't help when a dog has an ACL tear, torn ligament or injury.  Canine Comfort is an herbal pain relief supplement for dogs that reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

Very helpful for dogs with sprains, tears such as ACL Tears, hip dysplasia and torn ligaments.   Canine Comfort is a dog supplement that contains ingredients proven to reduce inflammation and pain.  It helps with joint  pain, limping and dog stiffness due to arthritis, old age, tears or osteosarcoma. Canine Comfort contains a combination of key ingredients to help inflammation:  turmeric (curcumin), proteolytic enzymes, boswelia and other herbs which have been to shown to reduce pain.   Many clients report improvement in their dogs in just a few days.