Monday, October 28, 2013

Top 10 Reasons for Veterinarian Visits for Cats

Based on pet insurance claims the following are the top 10 reasons for people to seek out veterinarian care for their cats.  Many of the issues can be helped significantly by holistic care. Learn more about how pet nutrition and holistic pet care can improve your pet’s health at

Top 10 Reasons for A Veterinarian Visit for Cats*

1. Lower urinary tract infections and diseases
2.Stomach upsets/gastritis
3. Renal failure
4. Intestinal inflammation/diarrhea
5. Skin allergies
6. Diabetes
7. Colitis/Constipation/IBD
8. Ear infections
9. Upper respiratory virus
10. Hyperthyroidism

*Based on Veterinary Pet Insurance Company claims