Monday, September 2, 2013

Natural Treatment For German Shepherd with Hip Dysplasia

Dear Ask Ariel:   Our beautiful 2 year old German Shepherd was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and we are just devastated.  You can tell it hurts him to walk and sometimes he limps after exercise.  Our veterinarian sent us home with Metacam and we are using glucosamine and fish oil.  Do you think that any other natural treatments will help or is this just the way it is? We would like to help him but our funds are limited so surgery is out of the question.   Betty, Ohio

Dear Betty, So sorry your German Shepherd was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  It's very upsetting when we see our pets in pain.  Hip dysplasia, albeit a genetic condition does respond to natural holistic care and it seems that the earlier you start, the better the prognosis.  Drugs such as Rimadyl and Metacam should be a last resort to use when your dog is really uncomfortable, not a daily routine.  It is good that you are using the fish oil and glucosamine.

Special SAM-e  seems to be the most effective tool we have to fight hip dysplasia.  This veterinary-approved formula is backed by scientific research and proven to help.  Special SAMe is powerful antioxidant formula that reduce joint pain and inflammation with improving results over time. 

Curcumin for Pets  Curcumin (turmeric) for Pets has shown excellent safety in clinical studies and works as a natural anti-inflammatory.  It can be used along with the Special SAMe to help ease your dog's pain and inflammaton. 

In addition to supplements, acuscope therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic are all very viable holistic therapies that relieve pain and discomfort.  Regular daily exercise and maintaining a healthy weight will ensure your German Shepherd can maintain his mobility too.