Friday, September 6, 2013

Joint Support For Cats Really Helps a 17 Year Old Senior Kitty!

Rocky 17 Year Old Cat

"We've added a new product to our 17 year old cat Rocky's regimen.  Rocky needed a little something extra for his joints.  We had used Cosequin in the past but it seemed to bother his tummy after many years.  Collagenex 2 from AskAriel was the answer!  Within a week....Rocky was running and chasing crickets and playing again like a kitten.  We can tell his back legs are already feeling better.  Plus, I can't say enough about the power of "Power Probiotic", Lypozyme and Soothing Digestive.  All 3 of my babies are taking these now.  Thanks again for such wonderful, gentle products to make the babies healthy."    Deborah Albritton