Friday, September 20, 2013

Gremlin and Goblin: Two Special Pets Who Brought So Much Love and Joy

Goblin and Gremlin---Two Special Dogs Who Are Now Angels

Losing a beloved pet is a heartbreak beyond words.  Anyone who has ever loved an animal knows the painful grief that comes when the time comes for them to leave us.   For Kimberly Dawn Hatfield, this pain was magnified by two.  Two precious dogs, Gremlin and Goblin both passed away within 2 months of one another.  Kimberly was a wonderful Mommie and took great care of them. Some memories that Kimberly has of each of these cherished pets is below:

Goblin, happy go lucky, awesome friend, smiled and brought you a toy everytime you came home, 15 years old and strong right up to the end, dog all the way thru, hated if I cried, licked my face until I stopped.  Powerful.

Gremlin, fighter, 12 years old, chronically ill for 5 years but still hung on until his body gave out, awesome, loyal friend, old soul,
was hanging on for me, until I told him, "I would be ok and to go if he needed to, I would be alright", two hours later, he did.

These two dogs were my life, my loves, my true friends, but I let them both go, 40 days apart, with love and happiness, I celebrate their life and good time memories which will always be in my heart, wait for me boys, I will see you again.
 Your Mommie
  1. I'm Kimberly's sister (Gremlin & Goblin's aunt). I totally agree with the article title - these two little guys were indeed very, very special. I live in a different state, so unfortunately did not get to see them often, however Kim kept me updated on their daily lives by phone conversations, emails and pics. There wasn't a year that went by that I didn't receive a birthday pic (yes, with party hats, plates, decorations, cake and outfits). These boys could not have ever in their greatest doggy dreams, every dreamed up any better parents than Kim and Gene. As Kim stated, they were their lives and what enjoyment and joy Gremlin & Goblin brought to it. The good, happy times somehow made all the challenging times worthwhile. I've heard Kim (as well as Gene) over the years say many times that it "was all worth it" and they wouldn't stop at anything to provide them healthy, happy, fulfilled lives, no matter what the cost or sacrifice. Gremlin and Goblin were both strong fighters, however so were their parents (hmmmm....must have been were they got it from)!
    Gremmy & Gobby, we love and miss you both. You two be good up there and just like your Mommie says......we will see you both later!
    Aunt Pamela

  2. I'm best friends with Gremlin and Goblin's aunt Pamela...who is Kim's sister. We've been friends for going on 10 years and so I've remained up to date on Gremlin and Goblin's wonderful life. I even had the pleasure of meeting them a few Thanksgivings ago...Kim and Gene took them everywhere they went...they had the cutest little doggie carseats. They were SO loved and had a great life with great parents. I myself don't have human children...but I have my two fur babies, a pug (lucky) and a chihuahua (haley). So I know that special bond we have with our pets and my heart goes out to Kim and Gene during this difficult time. Your babies are healthy and happily running around doggy heaven right now and we will all meet together one day. Xxx Jessica

  3. I'm best friends with Gremlin & Goblin's aunt Pamela...who is Kim's sister. We've been friends for going on 10 years so I've stayed up to date with Gremlin and Goblin's wonderful life. I even had the pleasure of meeting them a few Thanksgivings ago...Kim and Gene had the cutest doggie car seats as they took their babies everywhere. Kim, you truly were an amazing caregiver for them both. I have two precious fur babies myself and know the special bond we have with our pets. They are part of your family, so my heart and prayers go out to you Kim and Gene during this difficult time. Your fur babies lived a happy and full life! They are now healthy and running around doggy heaven...waiting to see us all again soon. Xxx Jessica

  4. Shirlene and Jack Bolen said...

    We are Kimberly's mother and stepfather (Gremlin & Goblin"s grandparents). Two special dogs adopted by two special people. The companionship and love exchanged between an owner and a pet was truly shown with Kim and Gob and Grem. Nothing was to good for them, from health care to food and even a swimming pool for exercise.
    We will love them and miss them both.
    Shirlene and Jack