Friday, August 23, 2013

Pet UTI Prevention Formula Back in Stock

Pet UTI Prevention Formula is back in stock!  Pet UTI Prevention helps prevent recurrences of UTIs in both cats and dogs.

 Veterinarian-Approved Remedy for UTIs Prevents Reinfection and Reduces the Need for Repeated Use of Antibiotics in Pets
Pet UTI Prevention Formula 60 capsules  (see ingredients below)

*Cleans bacteria and pathogens from the urinary tract, reducing the likelihood of reinfection
*Includes key nutrients such as cranberry, d-mannose and Uva Ursi proven to control bacteria
*Reduces irritation from UTI infections
*Relieves pain and discomfort with urination by reducing bacteria
*Used regularly, helps prevent future UTI infections
*No side effects reported by even sensitive pets, both cats and dogs
*Helps heal of the urinary tract and bladder

If your cat or dog is getting chronic urinary tract infections, it is essential to use the Pet UTI Prevention Formula.
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