Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Should Young Dogs Use Joint Support?

Dear Ask Ariel:  My Labrador is 2 years old and loves to play.  Should a young dog like my labrador be using joint support or is too early?

If you have an active big dog, start early on a regimen of joint support supplementation--especially the Amazing Arthrosoothe and Amazing Omegas.   The Pet Arthritis Package includes Amazing Omegas, Amazing Arthrosoothe and Curcumin.  Starting pets early can ward off big veterinarian bills, the need for prescription anti-inflammatories and pain pills and extend the quality of your pet's life!

Joint support can provide natural pain relief and make a significant difference in your pet's well being.  Many times pet owners use pain medications and NSAIDs to help reduce their pet's discomfort. However, pain medications and NSAIDs can have long-term side effects (elevated liver enzymes) and it is important to try to help your pets regain strength in their joints and muscles NATURALLY.  Joint support will improve your pet's mobility and energy, while reducing reliance on medications.  Our joint support products can be used in combination with pain medications so that over time, you should be able to reduce or eliminate the need for the medications.