Saturday, April 20, 2013

Young Husky/Labrador Mix Female Needs Loving Home

Tawnie is a small Lab/Husky mix, 10 months old, full of cuddles and desperate to find a loving family to adopt her. Tawnie weighs approx. 40 lbs, has a short, soft coat and would make a wonderful addition to a family.  Tawnie loves to play with other dogs and is sweet and gentle with children.  She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.  Open your heart and your home to this lovely pet who was rescued from the high kill Downey Shelter. 

Please watch Tawnie's video below and spread the word:

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

To learn more about Tawnie, please contact:

Husky Haven of LA

Friday, April 19, 2013

Anal Gland Problems in Dogs

 Anal glands can become a stinky problem with dogs.  Anal glands can fill up quickly, become inflamed and irritated.  Dogs can scoot on the carpet or ground making a mess. Be sure to get your dog's anal glands checked by a veterinarian to ensure that your dog does not have parasites.

Anal gland problems are frequently related to the dog's diet.  Grains such as oats or wheat in the foods can make dogs itchy and uncomfortable.  Many dogs have gluten allergies and foods that they are allergic to create inflammation all the way down. 

To relieve your dog of anal gland problems, start by using a high moisture, hypoallergenic diet.  Try using a protein source such as rabbit or venison.  Add a teaspoon of canned pumpkin to each meal for fiber.  In addition, use Power Probiotic at every meal.  Power Probiotic adds beneficial flora, fighting bacteria and yeast overgrowth.  Probiotics help move along the digestive process, eliminating toxins and keeping your pet's stools regular and formed.  If your dog is prone to loose stool or has gas, use Soothing Digestive Relief along with the Power Probiotic. 
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Supplements For Dogs That Are Scratching and Itching

If your dog is scratching and itching, these veterinary-approved supplements are backed by research and have been used successfully to treat itchy dogs.


Bioflavanoids such as quercetin can act as a natural anti-histamine to stop dogs from scratching and itchingAllerEaze contains two key ingredients known to help relieve allergy symptoms: Quercetin and Nettles.   Quercetin is recommended by veterinarians to help dogs and cats with seasonal environmental allergies. Symptoms of seasonal allergies can include: nasal discharge, itching, scratching, sinus infections, runny eyes, red mouth, red paws, inflamed chin and ear scratching.  Because quercetin can suppress the allergic response and release of histamine, it is highly recommended for dogs with mast cell tumors.  If your dog has "doggie odor", then use this WITH the K9 Yeast Defense package.

K9 Yeast Defense

Many dogs can develop a yeast overgrowth resulting in chronic ear infections, licking at the paws and genitals.  If your dog has been on antibiotics or eaten a diet high in carbohydrates and displays these symptoms, chances are, yeast could be a contributing factor.   K9 Yeast Defense controls yeast overgrowth and provides fast relief.  Use along with Power Probiotic and Notatum for best results.

Pet Skin Package 

The Pet Allergy and Skin Package contains 3 supplements that work synergistically together to stop scratching, improve coat quality and reduce redness and infection.  If your pet has skin problems, dry coat, nonstop itching, then give this combination a try.  The Pet Allergy and Skin Package includes Amazing Omegas a highly concentrated fish Oil from sardines and anchovies.   Amazing Omegas can quickly enhance your pet's coat, eliminate dandruff and reduce your pet's inflammatory threshold overall.  Omega 3s found in Amazing Omegas fish oil are best but flaxseed oil, cod liver oil and coconut oil can be rotated into the diet as well.   

Goose Chases Gorilla

Maybe the goose doesn't know his own size, but the goose definitely has an attitude. The gorilla didn't want to have anything to do with this goose!
Friday, April 12, 2013

Melanoma on Dog's Eye

Melanoma Warning---Dogs can get melanoma in very subtle places such as the eye lid, corners of the eye, on paw digits or even in the eye. Catching the melanoma early can (just like with people) prevent the cancer from metastasizing. Above is a picture of Legend, a 4 year old Siberian Husky who developed a melanoma cancerous growth in the corner of his eye.  This was a very unusual place for cancer to grow but it did.  Fortunately, we caught it very early before it had become malignant melanoma which can spread to the mouth.

 If any small growths are found anywhere on your dog or cat, don't assume they are "aging" warts---get them biopsied immediately. What is important to note is that a TINY growth such as melanoma can metastasize from the skin to the entire body quickly. Please watch for all skin growths on yourself and your pets!

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer or melanoma, there is a lot you can do from a holistic standpoint.  To learn more about symptoms of cancer in dogs, melanoma and holistic treatments, please visit our Cancer Page

Puppy Love: Devoted Shelter Dog Walks 10 miles in the Freezing Cold to Unite With His Sweetheart

      Ben and Jade  Photo Credit:  Tribune Star

To watch video of Ben and Jade along with the Lawler family, please click the NBC 2 link below:

Bravo to the Lawler couple in Indiana for making a Doggie Dream come true!  Ben and Jade (two German Shepherd dog mixes) were both abandoned stray dogs that wandered together in the community.  However, when they had a litter of puppies, they were brought to the Terre Haute Humane Society in Indiana.  They were kept in the same cage and were quite bonded.  People often don't realize the incredible bonds dogs and animals form with one another. Their love was put to the test when after several weeks, Ben, but not Jade, was adopted by the Lawler family.

After 3 weeks of living with the Lawlers, Ben escaped.  He trekked 10 miles in freezing cold weather to see his love.  He found his way back to the shelter in a day and went up to her cage and kissed her through the fencing.  He knew the shelter staff would try to capture him so he evaded them for quite awhile.  Once Ben was captured, the two happy dogs were reunited and tails were wagging.

The Lawlers saw the unbelievable devotion between the two dogs and realized they had to adopt both Jade and Ben.  Now, the two lovebirds are inseparable.  They go on walks, eat and sleep together.  They are living out a wonderful fairytale because of the kindness of this family and the community who saved them.  Rescue dogs like Ben and Jade are euthanized daily throughout the world and this is one story of true puppy love!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Should Young Dogs Use Joint Support?

Dear Ask Ariel:  My Labrador is 2 years old and loves to play.  Should a young dog like my labrador be using joint support or is too early?

If you have an active big dog, start early on a regimen of joint support supplementation--especially the Amazing Arthrosoothe and Amazing Omegas.   The Pet Arthritis Package includes Amazing Omegas, Amazing Arthrosoothe and Curcumin.  Starting pets early can ward off big veterinarian bills, the need for prescription anti-inflammatories and pain pills and extend the quality of your pet's life!

Joint support can provide natural pain relief and make a significant difference in your pet's well being.  Many times pet owners use pain medications and NSAIDs to help reduce their pet's discomfort. However, pain medications and NSAIDs can have long-term side effects (elevated liver enzymes) and it is important to try to help your pets regain strength in their joints and muscles NATURALLY.  Joint support will improve your pet's mobility and energy, while reducing reliance on medications.  Our joint support products can be used in combination with pain medications so that over time, you should be able to reduce or eliminate the need for the medications.