Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Does My Pet Really Want?


What Does My Pet Really Want?
By Bonnie Taplin, M.A., Animal Communicator & Psychic Medium 

What could our dog/cat/horse/bird (or any other pet) possibly want when we give them a loving home, yummy food to eat, and plenty of toys to play with? As you may guess, the answer to that question varies with the type of animal and the life he/she leads. Many pet owners I have met tell me that they believe their pets are “spoiled” and have pretty much everything they need. But, in my experience, the bottom line, and basic need, for any animal is simple: unconditional love – to give and to receive. What, then, does “unconditional love” really mean to an animal? With my professional background in Early Childhood Education, I have learned that fulfilling children’s needs is based on love through respect and understanding. As an Animal Communicator, I have discovered that it is no different for animals! You may wonder, how would we give respect and understanding to our animals – they probably don’t even know what that means! Guess what? They do! Animals of all kinds are actually highly intuitive and “get” so much more than many people might imagine. They have shown me that they have the same emotions as humans, but more intensely! For example, what about the family dog who starts “looking depressed” when the suitcases come out for an upcoming vacation? Or, what about the cat who stops using the litter box when a new pet is brought into the home? Has anyone thought to tell their pet about any changes taking place in the home? Usually, no. I strongly urge my clients to keep their pets informed and “in the loop” about what’s happening in their lives. Just like with any other (human) family member, it’s important to let your pets in on what events will be taking place, big or small -- because they actually already know but lack details, such as who is coming or going, what food changes are taking place, etc., and by doing so, telling them that they are a valued member of the household. Acknowledgment can be so powerful – even to our pets.
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