Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pomeranian is Coughing and Has a Heart Murmur

Q:  My pomeranian is coughing and has a heart murmur.  Are there any natural supplements that I can use for my pomeranian?  Also, any side effects of using the supplements with the medications my veterinarian prescribed for my dog's heart condition?

A:  There is a lot you can do to help your dog's coughing.  ApoTuss and ApoPulm 
are gentle drops that can make a significant impact on your dog's discomfort.   While "cough" medicines are just suppressing the cough, the ApoTuss and ApoPulm combination promote healing and help to detoxify the lungs.  ApoTuss has antimicrobial properties as well.  This remedy is very helpful for asthma, bronchial mucus and dry, hard coughs. In addition, using Purrfect Pet CoQ10 is also highly recommended for any pets with heart or lung conditions.

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"My dog Marco was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I have been giving him OncoPet and Immunitone Plus which really seem to help. However, one of his symptoms is constant coughing. It is so horrible to see him suffer. The ApoTuss and ApoPulm helped him so much. I can't believe that it completely stopped his coughing. We previously had tried some coughing medication from the veterinarian and Marco was still coughing. Thank you so much for helping Marco feel better!"
Karen, Orange County, California 2010