Friday, January 11, 2013

Natural Antibiotic For Cats and Dogs

Q:  My cat gets frequent upper respiratory infections and I was wondering if there is a natural antibiotic supplement I can try to help prevent another infection?  What can I give my kitty to boost her immune system?

A:  Yes, there are a couple of natural supplements you can try to boost your cat's immune system.

Argentyn drops are a natural antibiotic and can be used safely with cats.  Of course, if your cat requires antibiotics, then you need to use the medication but Argentyn and other natural "antibiotics" will help boost your cat's immune system to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.  Get the dropper as that is easiest to use.  Easy to administer to pets---Argentyn tastes very much like water.  This powerful colloidal silver formula is the finest, most purified available. It is offered exclusively through health care professionals because of it's effectiveness in providing critical immune support. This product has been tested extensively in comparison studies and has been shown to have the smallest particle size currently available (.0008 microns), an ultra fine dispersion rate and concentration of 23 ppm (professional strength)---all which give the product its incredible strength.

All types of infections--UTIs, skin, allergies, sinus, stomatitis, respiratory infections
IBD--helps reduce infection and inflammation

Bestseller--Notatum delivers what it promises!   Gentle but effective.  Well tolerated by pets. 
It is very helpful for any type of infection. Works to boost your pet's immune system from the inside out. This product is very helpful if your pet has been on antibiotics as it helps to prevent recurrence of an infection.  Use the product immediately after antibiotics to help boost your pet's immune system and prevent reinfection. Notatum drops are exceptionally well tolerated by cats.  Cats with chronic UTIs are often able to avoid future use of antibiotics by staying on the Pet UTI Prevention Formu
la, Power Probiotic and Notatum drops.