Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best Probiotic For Cats?

What is the best Probiotic for Cats?  

Recommended by Veterinarians

Power Probiotic is helpful for cats that have diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease IBD, chronic urinary infections, stomatitis and kidney disease.  It provides soothing relief and is easy to administer.  The tasteless powder can be sprinkled directly on the food.

Why is Power Probiotic the best probiotic for cats?

The difference is in the manufacturing process.  All probiotics are not alike.  Power Probiotic is very carefully manufactured, guaranteed to survive your cat's stomach acid so that it can reach the intestinal tract?  Did you know that many name brand probiotics are not even alive by the time you open them?  And, even if the bacteria are alive, many are poorly manufactured so that they are immediately killed before they even reach the place your cat needs it most---the digestive tract.

Power Probiotic is third party tested and has guaranteed potency. 

“Toby is a Persian cat 15 years old. Last year he was diagnosed with Kidney disease along with a UTI. Toby was fed, what we thought was a healthy diet--Royal Canin dry food. Toby would not eat the food and was getting weaker every day, he couldn't defecate and he wasn't urinating. You could see and feel every bone in his body, his eyes were glazed over and his coat was dull. Toby would sit and stare at the wall--he had given up. We couldn't watch him slowly die so we took him off all off all the meds and food and started searching for help on the web. We found Ask Ariel!
We made an appointment to speak to Susan Davis. She gave us all the information we needed to save Toby's life. Toby now eats a healthy diet and takes a few supplements such as Kidney Terrain, Kidney Health and Power Probiotic. The products all are easy to give and even a fussy cat will eat them. When Toby has an upset stomach, we can even syringe in the Power Probiotic and it really helps him.
Toby is a changed cat. He is healthier than he has ever been in his entire life! He has gained weight, has a beautiful coat, bright eyes, plays like a kitten, purrs constantly and loves his food. We are only sorry that we didn't know about Ask Ariel before. Susan has given Toby a new lease on life and he loves it!”
Peden Family
New York 2012