Thursday, December 13, 2012

Natural Supplements For Cat's Kidney Disease

Q:  I took my 13 year old senior kitty to the vet for an annual checkup and found out that she had lost 2 pounds.  We did a blood test and I was told she has early kidney insufficiency.  Her kidney creatinine is 2.1  and her BUN is 48.  I am using the prescription kidney diet from my veterinarian but was wondering if there are any natural supplements for kidney disease that I can give my cat and if you think they will help?   JL in San Francisco
A:  So sorry to hear that your cat was diagnosed with kidney disease.  Cats can live with renal insufficiency for many years if they are given a reduced phosphorous diet and kept hydrated using fluid therapy.  Natural supplements can help cats live longer and improve their overall wellbeing.  Many cats don't like to have pills adminstered to them, so it is important to keep the stress down.  You may need to pick and choose to find the very best supplements that will minimize the amount of time you need to administer medication to your cat and keep from having your cat running away from you every time she sees you reach for the bottle.  We have had excellent success using the No-Pill Kidney Kit for Cats because it contains therapeutic ingredients that can be gently administered without having to give a pill.  The Kidney Package includes a topical antioxidant cream that includes CoQ10, a tasteless enzyme formula that helps break down protein in your cat's food and Kidney Terrain drops that can be easily applied to your cat's paws if not in the mouth. 
 At a minimum, cat owners should also try to use a multi-strain probiotic.  A Probiotic can help your cat's digestion, support kidney and immune function and improve appetite.  Many times cats aren't eating because they have acid stomach.  Using Power Probiotic or mixing with water and syringing into your kitty's mouth can relieve a great deal of discomfort from acid stomach.