Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dog Ear Infections and Yeast

Dog ear infections can become a chronic problem. Owners can often tell when their pets have an ear infection because of the odor and debris in the ear. Dogs may also display head shaking or excessive scratching of the ear. The normal ear should be free of debris and odor. What most dog owners don't realize is that ear infections, hot spots, hair loss, scratching, itching and digestive issues---all may seem to be unrelated but are usually due to the same issue---allergies (both food and environmental) as well as poor digestion. 

The first step in healing a dog with chronic ear infections is to put the pet on a healthy, hypoallergenic diet that is low in carbohydrates. Common food allergens such as corn, milk products, peanut butter, etc. can greatly contribute to food allergies which result in poor digestion and an opportunity for an overgrowth of yeast and bacterial infections to set in.

In addition to changing your dog’s diet, some supplements can really help your dog fight off ear yeast infections from the inside out. If your dog has taken antibiotics or prednisone, it is critical that you restore the balance of flora to prevent the ear infection from coming back. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria (as well as the bad) and unfortunately if you haven’t made the changes to support a healthy digestive tract, the bad bacteria will grow back faster than the good bacteria. That is why it is so essential to supplement with probiotics (and antifungals if there is a tendency to get yeast) following a course of antibiotics and/or steroid medications.

Holistic Supplements for Dog Ear Infections and Yeast

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