Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dog Dandruff and Flaking Skin: Fish Oil and Diet Changes Will Help

Dog dandruff is often accompanied by itching and skin dryness.  Some dogs can have red bumps and an odor as well.  Sometimes when you touch a dog with dog dandruff, a white film is on your hands afterwards.  If your dog has dandruff, a good first step would be to take your dog to the veterinarian to rule out parasites, skin disease, hypothyroidism and other potential health conditions.  Your veterinarian may need to do a skin scraping to determine what is wrong.

Many times, dogs who have flakey skin and dandruff have food and environmental allergies.  While topical rinses may help somewhat, you need to help your dog from the inside out.  The first step is to give your dog a highly therapeutic fish oil.  Fish oil contains essential fatty acids called Omega 3s.  There are MANY fish oil products for pets available but unfortunately most do not contain bioavailable Omega 3s and so pet owners may use them without success.  So many caring pet owners will tell us how they tried a store bought fish oil with no results.  The important word here is "bioavailable"---what that means is that it is a fish oil that is naturally processed, free of heavy metals and contaminants and most importantly, in a form that your dog's body can use.  If it is not bioavailable, the oil literally goes in one end and out the other.  To conquer dog dandruff and flaking skin, you have to use a fish oil that contains a high level of omega 3 fatty acids that your dog can absorb and utilize.

Recommended By Veterinarians,  Sold in Veterinary Hospitals

Amazing Omegas is a premium fish oil that will help dog dandruff, dry dog skin, dog flaking skin and allergies quickly.  You should start to see results within a few days.  Amazing Omegas is recommended by veterinarians because it really works.   Click here to learn more about Amazing Omegas. Adding Power Probiotic for Pets and AllerEaze for Pets to the program will also help relieve itching and scratching associated with allergies.

Grains and poultry can be big allergens for dogs.  Many pet owners with dogs that are scratching and itching have found tremendous relief when changing their diet along with the Amazing Omegas. Ask Ariel will provide a free diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your order.  Please be sure to include your pet’s diet on the order form at checkout.

Pet Nutritionist Susan Blake Davis with her rescue dog Legend

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