Friday, June 29, 2012

Help for Feline Viruses

Hi, My name is Fred Albritton-Yost. At 13, my parents FINALLY found relief for my chronic flare-ups of the feline viruses---like Herpes. I would start sneezing and then have secondary infections and have to go on traditional meds and the cycle would continue. (not to mention the tummy upsets that I would have from the trad. meds.) Now, my mom gives me Notatum and Quentans drops…just mixed into a little food. Now, I can be happy and not so congested. Wish they had found this sooner…but, I am a very happy, satisfied customer in North Carolina. I also use the Argentyn spray when needed and it works wonderful.

Deborah L. Albritton – Fred’s mommy…
Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oceanside Veterinary Hospital

Great news! Dr.Gordon's son, Daniel, has been admitted to the School of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University! During the vet school application process, Daniel disclosed to his dad that he had always been his role model and hero. It also had always been his dream to work side-by-side with him in the veterinary field. This was a very humbling and emotional revelation for Dr.Gordon. In order to try and fulfill that dream, Dr.Gordon decided to find an animal hospital to purchase. In November 2011, he became the owner of Oceanside Veterinary Hospital in Oceanside, California. Drs. Lindsey Hackett and Kathy Burnell run things during the week, but Dr.Gordon is there on Saturdays. You can visit them online at