Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Itchy Maltese with Skin Problems Gets Better!

"Thank you so much for the Pet Allergy and Skin Package! The ProAller plus the Notatum alternating with Quentans not only gave my 15 yr. old Maltese, Beebop, relief from his respiratory and skin allergy symptoms --- these amazing products helped his skin to heal completely and his beautiful hair to return so thickly, he looks like a young pup again. His ear inflammation and "gunk" cleared up, and he's happy and frolicking like his ‘old self’. He's living up to that Beebop name and wrestling with our two other Maltese, the rescued Bambi
and Thumper. For the first time in years, his little tail is back up and curled as he romps around our yard. We are eternally grateful to you and continue to recommend you and your products to all our pet-owner friends and family."

The Eisenberg Family 2012
Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Important Warning Signs of Poor Digestion

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Important Warning Signs of Poor Digestion

Is your pet showing the warning signs of poor digestion? Symptoms such as chronic diarrhea, bad breath, a mucous film or blood in the stool, tummy rumbling, inappetance, licking lips after eating, gas, constipation or vomiting--these can be serious warning signs that your pet's digestion is "off". Poor digestive health leads to a weakened immune system. Pets with poor digestion can develop cancer, thyroid disorders, skin problems, ear infections and many other health problems. If your pet has any of these warning signs, be sure to take your pet to the veterinarian for a thorough checkup and fecal exam.
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Your Dog Itching? Is Your Cat Scratching?

Is your dog itching? Is your cat scratching her fur out?


Pet Allergy & Skin Package - Amazing Omegas, Proaller, Notatum
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This comprehensive allergy & skin package will reduce redness,itching, hot spots, paw chewing, hair loss and also provides valuable nutrients for your dog or cat. Great for pets with allergies. If your pet endlessly chewing on paws scratching, has chronic itching, hair loss, red spots, blacked areas from licking, we can help. These three products can be purchased separately but you'll save now by purchasing together.
Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beautiful Brooke Finds Her Forever Home

Beautiful Brooke has now found her new forever home! Brooke was a stray and ended up at the Orange County shelter. Ariel Rescue got Brooke out of the shelter and she found her new mom! Brooke is happy and safe now that she has a her forever home with her mom. She has a warm, safe bed to sleep in and never has to worry about being in a shelter again.
Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dog Seizures--Natural Treatments and Holistic Alternatives

Watching a beloved dog have a seizure is devastating. The first time it happens, you may not know what is happening. Many times, pet owners don't realize it is happening until it is underway or finished and their dog appears glassy-eyed and doesn't recognize them. The first time my dog Legend had a seizure, I heard barking. I went out to look and he was on his back and it appeared as though he was just rolling around playfully. When I got closer, he sat up and frothing at the mouth, he glared at me in a scary aggressive way, not recognizing me at all. It was very frightening to see my own dog behaving like this. The next time was worse, because my veterinarian had explained that it was a seizure. Legend lay on the ground, paddling and losing control of his bodily functions. Even after he came back into "consciousness", it took him about an hour to recover. I decided I would do everything in my power to help my dear dog.

Dog seizures can be caused by a variety of reasons which is why it is so important to try to address each and every issue to minimize the likelihood of an occurrence  Hypothyroidism and liver toxicity can be contributing factors. It's critical to have your dog's blood and urine checked extensively even in a very young dog. While hypothyroidism is less common in a young dog, it does happen. AND......many times the dog's bloodwork is in the "normal" range but is below the midpoint which can be an indicator of thyroid weakness. In other words, just because the thyroid values fall in the normal range, doesn't mean your dog might not have clinical hypothyroidism. Typical signs of hypothyroidism in dogs are slow metabolism, weight gain, thinning or dull coat, constipation, chronic skin infections and neuromuscular disorders such as seizures. We had Legend's thyroid checked multiple times and while it always fell in the normal range, it was on the low-end and he had many symptoms of hypothyroidism. I started him on BioThyro and within a few days, he started to lose weight and his coat quality improved.His metabolism is very sluggish and he eats considerably less than what might be recommended for a 3 year old Siberian Husky.

Dogs that get seizures can also have advanced liver toxicity or have been exposed to something very toxic. It is important to work with your veterinarian to determine the best course of action for your dog as medication may be needed for your dog's liver. In addition, several liver support formulas are highly recommended such as Liver and Gallbladder Supplement for Pets, Special SAMe and Oxicell. Even if your dog is not diagnosed with liver disease, it is the central "clearing house" for toxins so using the Liver and Gallbladder Supplement for Pets will help.

Allergies can also be a trigger. Food allergies such as poultry, grains, peanut butter, corn can all trigger a seizure. Dogs with seizures should be on a hypoallergenic, grain free diet. If possible, feeding them a raw frozen diet mixed with plenty of Amazing Omegas can make a significant difference. Finally, it is important to nourish the brain. I give Legend a combination of three formulas to increase blood flow to his brain and help support his brain. Brain Vitale
B Complex #12 and Neuroflam. Here is a link to these products that are recommended for canine seizures and neurological conditions I am happy to report that as of today, it has now been 9 months since Legend's last seizure. As I implemented each of the suggestions above, the time between seizures became extended. At first, it was every 12 -14 days and then got up to about 40 days. Now, we have had a wonderful reprieve of 9 months and going on strong. It takes trial and error to determine what the cause of the seizures are in your particular pet and it is important to remember, that it is may not be one simple cause; it can be a combination of contributing factor. Medications such as phenobarbital may be necessary if the seizures are very frequent but the medication is CONTROLLING the seizures, not addressing the underlying health considerations causing the seizures in the first place. The goal of holistic veterinary medicine is to address the underlying cause of the seizures and to help the pet as a whole.
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Skippy Has a New Forever Home

Little Skippy has found his new forever home! Skippy was a stray and ended up at the Orange County shelter. Ariel Rescue got him out of the shelter and now he is living with his new family! Skippy is now the cherished dog that he was always meant to be.
Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yorkies Feeling a Lot Better!

I so appreciate your help. Curing my babies' illnesses goes
far beyond veterinary treatment. You have shown me over and over again, that
the correct nutritional diet and advice, is absolutely crucial to maintaining
their good health. Mango's pancreatitis was completely out of control until you
changed her diet. Zsa Zsa, being so tiny, scared us to death with her recent digestive problems. Her vet could treat their symptoms, but could not give me the ultimate solution, which was to restore their appetites and normal digestive function. I love them like children, and it breaks my heart when I feel helpless to cure what ails them. You did that for us, and for this I am truly grateful.

The Ringer Family
Products Used: Power Probiotic, Lypozyme, Liver & Gallbladder Support and Amazing Omegas.