Friday, September 9, 2011

Chronic Dog Ear Infections: Diet and Supplements Can Help Prevent Them

If your dog is getting chronic ear infections, chances are the problem is rooted in your pet's diet. Generally, dogs that are getting ear infections are also having other allergy symptoms such as hot spots, hair loss, scratching and itching and smelly coat. These seemingly unrelated dog allergy problems can be due to the same issue---food allergies.

The first step in healing a dog with chronic ear infections is to put the pet on a healthy, hypoallergenic diet that is low in carbohdyrates. Common food allergens such as corn, milk products, peanut butter, etc can greatly contribute to food allergies which result in poor digestion and an opportunity for an overgrowth of yeast and bacterial infections to set in. Here is a list of common food allergens. If your dog has allergies, be sure to avoid them:

__Dairy products including cheese
__Peanut butter
__Poultry especially chicken
__Beef (some dogs)
__Grains (all!)

In addition to avoiding these foods, some supplements can really help your dog fight off ear yeast infections from the inside out. If your dog has taken antibiotics or prednisone, it is critical that you restore the balance of flora to prevent the ear infection from coming back. Power Probiotic is a multi-strain formula that will help your dog's digestion and overall immune system. K9 Yeast Defense, used for treatment when an ear infection is present or for maintenance to help PREVENT an ear infection, is a gentle, yet effective formula to ensure that your dog no longer gets these ear infections.

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