Friday, September 30, 2011

Help for Pets with Lung/Heart Problems and Cancer

Vitality NOW!
ON SALE---Save $5 through October 7th

500 mg 120 caps

Excellent Product for Heart Conditions, Pulmonary Support and Cancer--Gives people and pets increased energy!!!

Carnitine provides much needed support for heart tissue. Carnitine plays a critical role in energy production. It transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be oxidized to produce energy. Carnitine is concentrated in tissues such as skeletal and cardiac muscle that utilize fatty acids as a dietary fuel. Pets have greater stamina and energy when using both Purrfect Pet CoQ10 and Vitality NOW!

Research on carnitine indicates that it is a very effective support nutrient for cardiovascular health. Carnitine promotes fat burning (and may help you lose weight), increases energy and promotes heart health. In research studies, carnitine helped improve exercise tolerance and heart function in people with problems with their cardiovascular health. Higher levels of carnitine in cardiac tissues are associated with a lower incidence of heart attack. Carnitine can also increases blood flow, especially to the heart. It may also help balance the HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios. This is a critical nutrient for anyone or any pet with heart murmurs or any type of cardiovascular disease.

If your pet has cancer, you may want to consider giving them Vitality NOW! during Chemotherapy. Carnitine can provide much needed support for heart tissue and has been scientifically proven to be helpful for pets with cancer. There has been quite a bit of research on the benefits of carnitine with cancer patients. Many pet owners that use Vitality NOW! report increased energy when using this product. Carnitine plays a critical role in energy production. It transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be oxidized to produce energy. Carnitine is concentrated in tissues such as skeletal and cardiac muscle that utilize fatty acids as a dietary fuel. Thus, it is very helpful for pets with cancer in the lungs or with pulmonary issues.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bugsy Has Found His Forever Home!

From Abandoned and Scared To Cherished & Loved: Bugsy has found his forever home!

Pictured above is Bugsy, a 3 year old Pekingese mix. Bugsy came into the Orange County Shelter as a stray. He was very underweight from not having enough food to eat when he was living on the streets. His fur was very dry and coarse. His skin was in very bad condition due to having fleas and very dirty fur.

Bugsy spent a month at The Orange County Animal Care Center. Many dogs got adopted during that time, but no one could see what a special dog Bugsy was. That is when Ariel Rescue stepped in and adopted Bugsy.

Bugsy was no longer the overlooked dog. He was given good food to eat. He was also given a "beauty bath". A brand new dog emerged from all that dry, dirty hair. Bugsy now had soft, shiney fur and was the picture of health. Bugsy was a happy, healthy dog ready to play and have fun!

Bugsy was adopted by a mom and her son. The mom wants to take Bugsy to work with her everyday and the son is so excited to have a dog that he can play with. Bugsy never has to worry about being overlooked ever again. He is now the pampered, cherished pup that he should be.

Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist promotes and supports the rescue of unwanted cats and dogs in shelters. Please consider adopting your next pet from an animal shelter. Homeless pets of all breeds can be found on

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No-Pill Supplements for Dog and Cats with Kidney Disease

ON SALE---Save $10 through October 1st

Purrfect for cats and dogs with kidney disease. Three state-of-the-art products proven to help with kidney disease ---all easy to administer.
No pilling required! Each package includes:

1 2 oz bottle of Kidney Terrain
1 bottle of Kidney Health Protein Support For Pets (60 capsules--powder is sprinkled on food)
1 pump container of Oxicell SE
 Buy all 3 together at a reduced package price: $85 (can purchase items separately)

Each product may be purchased separately but for best results and greater savings, we recommend purchasing the entire package.

Kidney Terrain
Wonderful product for cats and small dogs with kidney disease. Easy to administer. At Ask Ariel, we specialize in treating feline kidney disease and canine kidney disease. This is our most popular product for cat CRF and is recommended frequently by veterinarians whose clients have benefited from it. Just put a few drops of Kidney Terrain on your cat's tongue or lips and you will help give them vital support to help their kidney disease. Kidney Terrain works best when used in conjunction with Kidney Health -- Protein Support For Pets (helps your kitty to break down and utilize protein) and Oxicell SE--full spectrum antioxidant support. Thus, we offer the products together at a discounted price as the Kidney Support Package.

Kidney Terrain is a powerful, state-of-the-art homeopathic formula that provides herbs, nutrients, essential ionized co-enzymes and cofactors for supporting the kidney terrain. It provides supportive enzymatic activity, drainage and detox processes, cellular micro-nutrition and meridian balancing. Nettle leaf, dandelion leaf and parsley leaf provide further support for this powerful formula. This product has been helpful for pets with kidney failure.

Is your cat finicky about eating? Feeding cats with kidney disease can be a big challenge. We can help! Get started on the cat kidney support package below. We will teach you everything you can do to help your kitty live a happy life with CRF and keep them eating! Learn more

Kidney Terrain works especially well when used in conjunction with Oxicell SE (contains CoQ10) vital for kidneys and Kidney Health Protein Support For Pets (enzyme that helps break down protein).

Oxicell SE is an excellent value. One tub can last between 6 -12 months for 1 cat. If you are not able to give your pet CoQ10 capsules, this topical antioxidant cream contains CoQ10 along with many other vitamins and minerals helpful for kidney disease. Owners report that their kitties have increased energy and are more playful!

Kidney Health Protein Support For Pets is an extremely important enzyme formula that helps break down the protein in food and also helps your pet's body eliminate toxins associated with poor protein metabolism. The capsules contain powder that can be easily mixed into food. There is minimal if any taste so the powder is well tolerated by even the most finicky pets.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Could Your Cat or Dog Be Critically Ill From Kidney Disease and You Don't Know It?

By Susan Blake Davis, Pet Nutritionist,

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Kidney disease affects both cats and dogs, mostly in their senior years. However, young pets may have congenital deformities that can affect their kidney health at an early age too. Kidney disease can be insidious and "suddenly" appear even though your pet may have seemed perfectly healthy the day before. Or, the signs can be so subtle, such as not wanting to eat in the morning, that pet owners just attribute it to old age. Since kidney disease can often be a fatal condition, annual laboratory testing (blood and urine) is critical, along with watching out for the warning signs and notifying your veterinarian if you see them.

Warning Signs of Kidney Disease in Cats and Dogs

Lethargy, fatigue
Loss of appetite, especially in the morning
Weight loss
Increased water drinking
Increased urination
Pain, discomfort in the back
Strong, (ammonia-like) breath odor

Please note that many of the above signs are also seen in pets that do not have renal insufficiency. Regardless, these are signs your pet has some type of health condition and a visit to your veterinarian is warranted.

What Do The Kidneys Do?

The kidneys filter out toxins in the blood such as metabolic wastes, drugs and excess mineral salts as well as regulate the acidity of the blood. The kidneys also help regulate blood pressure, the production of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, and produce a hormone that stimulates red-blood-cell production called erythropoietin. Since the kidneys perform so many important functions, it is easy to see why kidney malfunction would greatly impact the way your pet feels and behaves. Unfortunately, laboratory tests may not always show kidney insufficiency until your pet’s kidney function is about 65-70% deteriorated but using this tool, along with watching the warning signs, is the best way for your veterinarian to diagnose the condition.

What Will Laboratory Tests Tell Me About My Pet's Kidneys?

In the blood, three levels are especially important to test for kidney disease. These are creatinine, BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and phosphorous. BUN measures the amount of urea nitrogen, a waste product of protein metabolism in the blood. Urea is formed by the liver and then taken by the blood to the kidneys for excretion. Because urea is cleared from the bloodstream by the kidneys, a buildup in the blood is an indicator that the kidneys are not functioning properly. Creatinine and phosphorous are also important markers for kidney disease, as they are also products excreted by the kidneys. A urine analysis also provides important information regarding your pet’s kidney health. Specific gravity of the urine measures the degree to which your pet is properly concentrating urine. In addition, your veterinarian will look to see if there is protein in the urine. Healthy kidneys will remove the waste from the blood but retain the protein. Impaired kidneys may fail to separate blood protein from the wastes. At first, only small amounts of protein may leak into the urine but as time and the disease progresses, the amount of protein in the urine increases.

How Can I Help My Pet If Diagnosed With Kidney Disease?

The goal of treatment is to help the pet to live as close to a normal life as possible, given the kidney disease diagnoses. Intravenous and subcutaneous fluids can provide much needed relief for pets. Intravenous fluids are administered by your veterinarian at the veterinary hospital while subcutaneous fluids can be administered by you at home under the direction of your veterinarian. Fluids help to flush out the toxins and control acid-base imbalances. Pets with kidney disease need a phosphorous-controlled diet. While commercial options are available, using a combination of homemade with some commercial food can work best.

Ask Ariel offers holistic pet health consultations and can help you construct a homemade or partially homemade diet for your pet that will mirror the nutritional requirements prescribed to you by your veterinarian. You can schedule a telephone appointment online at Ask Ariel or in person at VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital in Lake Forest, CA. Dr. David Gordon, holistic veterinarian, and I offer combination holistic appointments that will provide you with a complete overview (medications, supplements, fluid therapy, dietary advice and acupuncture) of all of your options in treating your pet with kidney disease. There are several supplements that can help your pet with kidney disease. These supplements are available in different forms for your convenience. For example, we offer Purrfect Pet Co Q10 Capsules as well as Oxicell which is a topical cream that contains CoQ10. Kidney Terrain provides critical vitamins and nutrients to the kidneys while Renellix helps the body to flush out toxins that accumulate in the kidneys and urinary tract. It is also important to use Kidney Health--Protein Support For Pets which is an enzyme that helps to break down protein, enhancing digestion and reducing the workload on the kidneys. We understand that having your pet diagnosed with kidney disease can be devastating and we are here to help. Using both conventional and holistic veterinary medicine can greatly enhance your pet’s prognosis. Early detection is key as well as maintaining proper hygiene for your pet (e.g. regular teeth cleanings can help your pet’s kidneys). We hope that by following these guidelines as well as getting regular laboratory testing, that you and your pet can enjoy a long and healthy life together.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Question about Dog With Chronic Kidney Failure

Q: My 10 year old dog has, in the last couple of months been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Her last two blood tests showed very high platelet counts and the vets do not seem to know why this is. Can you throw any light on this please?

A: Thank you for taking the time to submit a question on our blog. So sorry to hear your dog was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Dr. Gordon reviewed your question but needed to see your dog's complete blood results and medical history before he could make an opinion about this. There could be other issues going on beyond kidney disease and he would need to evaluate your pet in a much more comprehensive way. Dr. David Gordon is a holistic veterinarian who is available by telephone consultation through

One blood disorder that is quite common to see in dogs with chronic kidney failure (CRF) is anemia. This can occur very slowly over time as the kidneys start to decline. For anemia in cats and dogs, we recommend our pet anemia package This package has been very helpful for pets with a variety of blood disorders, helps overall health and would be worth considering.
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SAVE a LIFE!!! Rescue Dogs Available For Adoption Saturday September 24, 2011

Come meet Holly, Bugsy and Chloe at PETsMART in Aliso Viejo located at 27961 Aliso Creek Road. They will be out in front of PETsMART from noon - 4pm, on Saturday, September 24.

"Holly" 5 year old Cairin terrier mix with an excellent temperament. Holly has a new 'do. Doesn't she look cute?

"Bugsy" 3 year old Pekingese mix, would make a great companion for your dog. He is a very playful little guy.

"Chloe" Beautiful 3 year old Boxer mix, very sweet dog. Affectionate and well-behaved. Loves to play with other dogs.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pet Food Allergy Alert: Common Ingredients That Could Be Making Your Pets Sick

Pet Allergy Alert: Common Ingredients That Could Be Making Your Pets Sick

FREE Webinar

Tuesday 9/20 5:00 pm PT (8:00 pm ET) - 5:30 pm PT (8:30 pm ET)

Speaker: Susan Blake Davis, Pet Nutritionist,

Here's what you'll learn:

1. How food allergies can be the underlying cause of many of your cat or dog's health problems including bad breath, vomiting, IBD, itching, seizures, tear stains, ear infections, UTIs & more

2. Pet foods and treats that could be making your pets sick

3. Action steps you can take to help your pet feel better fast

Just click the link below to reserve your spot!

Registration--Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist---Free Webinar
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Are You Unknowingly Giving Your Pet Antibiotics?

Are you using a Tear-Stain Product that contains antibiotics? You may not even realize that you are! Do not resort to tear-stain eliminators such as Angel's Eyes. What most pet owners don't realize when using products like this is that you are giving your pet a DAILY DOSE OF ANTIBIOTICS unknowingly. Angel's eyes and other similar products contain cattle antibiotics. Long-term use of antibiotics can have many serious consequences, not to mention, perpetuating the tear stain problem by causing yeast overgrowth and further reducing your dog's immune system.

It is essential to use Power Probiotic for your dog to help your pet feel better. Power Probiotic contains Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin has been shown to be a natural antibacterial agent and is found in tears.

Many light colored dogs develop tear stains under the eye. Breeds such as maltese , poodles and chihuahas may have their beautiful faces discolored with unsightly dark stains below the eyes. Even large pets such as yellow labradors may have dark brown stains under the eyes. Tear stains are not just cosmetic and may be a health concern that you need to address. You can eliminate tear stains naturally by doing the following.......

First, be sure to check with your veterinarian! Some dogs have a genetic predisposition and could be born with an abnormality in tear ducts or have developed blocked tear ducts. Be sure there isn't some type of structural defect, infection or inflammation. If your veterinarian rules out these conditions, then the next step is to address the problem from a natural standpoint: change the diet and add a few supplements to enhance your pet's skin and coat.

Many times pets have excessive tear staining due to allergies (food & environmental), digestive problems, yeast and/or poor diet. They generally have other conditions that accompany the tear stains such as bad breath, gas, tummy gurgling, loose stools or vomiting. These are all signs of poor digestion and a problem with the pet's food. Be sure you are using a grain-free diet---no grains such as oats, corn, wheat, gluten as these can be potential allergens for your pet. Some protein sources such as poultry can be a problem too. Watch those treats---many contain "hidden" allergens such as peanut butter or sugary carbohydrates such as molasses which promote yeast and bacteria overgrowth.

Power Probiotic is the first line of defense for tear stains and good digestive health. Power Probiotic is a 3rd party tested, multi-strain powerful immune booster that is very easy to administer to cats and dogs. Simply open the capsule of this tasteless formula and sprinkle on your pet's food. Even some of the pickiest cats have tolerated this on their food. Power Probiotic contains Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin has been shown to be a natural antibacterial agent and is found in tears. In addition, if your dog has any digestive issues, use a digestive enzyme such as Soothing Digestive Relief or Lypozyme. This will help the bad breath and digestive problems.

Treatment For The Eyes Using an all-natural product to gently cleanse the area underneath the idea will help cosmetically. Argentyn drops are a highly purified colloidal silver that can be put directly in the eye (for a few weeks) and/or given daily as a natural source of antibacterial support.

Allergies? Finally, if your dog has any signs of paw licking, genital licking, ear infections, allergies, it is important to use some basic allergy support supplements. AllerEase, Pet Allergy and Skin Package or K9 Yeast Defense (works best to use a combination) will help.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Supplements For Cat With Kidney Cysts

Q: In May of this year we lost our almost 10year old Persian, Pebbles to kidney failure from polycystic kidney disease which neither of the breeders informed us about this disease. I had our other 2 Persians tested yesterday by ultrasound of their kidneys. Our other female Hershey came back clean but our male Mr. Snickers (chocolate point) has cysts on his left kidney only. Can I still use the Kidney Terrain for him even though he is not in kidney failure to help slow down the process? Sincerely, Iris

A: Dear Iris: This is a great question. Yes, it would be a really good idea to get your kitty started on some kidney support now before he is in kidney failure. The supplements help the kidneys to function better and are not medications. Thus, they are beneficial and provide nutrition and support which may help slow down the process. Here are some suggestions:

Kidney Terrain--provides vitamins and support for the kidneys

Renelix-- Would highly recommend this product because it helps to clear toxins from the kidneys. Many clients use in conjunction with the Kidney Terrain

Power Probiotic--- Easy to administer, just sprinkle on food. The Power Probiotic is very important for ALL pets, but especially pets with weak kidney function or liver function. It helps to repopulate good flora and keep toxins moving---this is fabulous product and well tolerated by cats.

So, yes, it is a good idea to try to help your cat now. It is not a good idea to wait until disease sets in as the body is in a much weaker state. Holistic care takes time and the more time you can help your pet, the better.

Rescue Dogs of 9/11

We honor you! Footage of rescue dogs and rescue workers in the rubble. Very emotional....especially the first photo.

Friday, September 9, 2011

SAVE a LIFE!!! Rescue Dogs Available For Adoption Saturday September 10, 2011

Come meet Holly, Annie, Shaggie and Bugsy at PETsMART in Aliso Viejo located at 27961 Aliso Creek Road. They will be out in front of PETsMART from 10am - 4pm, both Saturday and Sunday

Holly 5 year old Cairin terrier mix with an excellent temperament

Bugsy 3 year old Pekingese mix, would make a great companion for your dog

Shaggy 3 year old Maltese/Poodle (a maltipoo) mix! Shaggy is a perfect little gentleman ~ very calm and well-behaved.

Annie This cute, loving puppy is absolutely adorable ~ perfect choice for a fun companion dog.

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Chronic Dog Ear Infections: Diet and Supplements Can Help Prevent Them

If your dog is getting chronic ear infections, chances are the problem is rooted in your pet's diet. Generally, dogs that are getting ear infections are also having other allergy symptoms such as hot spots, hair loss, scratching and itching and smelly coat. These seemingly unrelated dog allergy problems can be due to the same issue---food allergies.

The first step in healing a dog with chronic ear infections is to put the pet on a healthy, hypoallergenic diet that is low in carbohdyrates. Common food allergens such as corn, milk products, peanut butter, etc can greatly contribute to food allergies which result in poor digestion and an opportunity for an overgrowth of yeast and bacterial infections to set in. Here is a list of common food allergens. If your dog has allergies, be sure to avoid them:

__Dairy products including cheese
__Peanut butter
__Poultry especially chicken
__Beef (some dogs)
__Grains (all!)

In addition to avoiding these foods, some supplements can really help your dog fight off ear yeast infections from the inside out. If your dog has taken antibiotics or prednisone, it is critical that you restore the balance of flora to prevent the ear infection from coming back. Power Probiotic is a multi-strain formula that will help your dog's digestion and overall immune system. K9 Yeast Defense, used for treatment when an ear infection is present or for maintenance to help PREVENT an ear infection, is a gentle, yet effective formula to ensure that your dog no longer gets these ear infections.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Adorable Puppy with Demodex Mange Can Be Helped with Supplements

Adorable Annie was saved on her last day at the high-kill shelter. Annie is a playful, friendly, four month old Labrador Retriever mix diagnosed with demodectic mange. Because of the mange, no one wanted to adopt Annie out of the shelter. Annie was on her last day when Ariel Rescue saved her.
Poor Annie has patches of fur missing around her eyes and muzzle. Demodex mange affects young puppies that have compromised immune systems. We are using Amazing Omegas, Immunitone Plus, Power Probiotic and Notatum to help Annie, along with a nutritious diet. These supplements have been very helpful in treating other dogs that had demodex mange. Soon we will have Annie healthy and we can have her spayed. Then she will be ready to be adopted and she can find her forever home. Please visit our facebook page: We will keep you posted on her progress.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cat With IBD Improves in 1 Week Using Supplements

"Our 6 month old kitty Penelope had diarrhea from the time we got her. We tried numerous prescription diets with our vet and were told that Penelope would need to be on prednisone to control the diarrhea and vomiting  We scheduled a consultation with Susan Davis and followed her dietary recommendations as well as started using Soothing Digestive Formula, and Power Probiotic along with her recommended dietary changes. Within 1 week, Penelope started forming normal stools. It has now been 4 months and Penelope is feeling great and has so much more energy. Thank you!"

-The Johnson Family, Madison, Wisconsin
Basic Kit for Inflammatory Bowel Disease--For starters, try Power Probiotic + Soothing Digestive + Notatum + Pet Colostrum. These products are well tolerated by cats and dogs.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a diagnoses used for a variety of intestinal disorders found in dogs and cats. The disorders are characterized by an abnormal accumulation of inflammatory cells in the lining of the intestine. Signs that your pet may have IBD include chronic diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea (licking of lips) and gurgling noises in the intestine. The vomit may contain bile and in cats it may contain hairballs. There may be mucus, blood and straining with bowel movements.

Dietary modification and supplements can be very helpful. One critical ingredient though is identifying the protein source(s) that your pet can tolerate. Improper digestion of protein can result in an allergic reaction and further inflammation. There is no "one" protein source that is considered hypoallergenic---that is why it is SO critical that you seek advice from a veterinary professional to help determine the best foods for your pet. Click here to schedule a personalized nutrition consultation. For many pets, a raw food diet in combination with cooked food may be helpful. Pets with IBD are very sensitive and immediately plunging into a raw food diet can further aggravate their condition. We only recommend that raw foods be slowly introduced AFTER much of the inflammation has resolved and only if the pet can tolerate it. Before starting a raw frozen diet, first introduce basic immune support supplements such as a multi-strain Probiotic and a gentle digestive enzyme such as Soothing Digestive Relief.
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Golden Retreiver Itching, Scratching and Chewing On His Paws Nonstop

Dear Ariel: My 3 year old Golden Retriever Cody is itching, scratching and chewing on his paws nonstop. I am feeding him a diet that is hypoallergenic and he is still so itchy. This seems to happen to him in the summer. I am already using fish oil which does help but I was wondering if there is anything you can recommend? Brenda

Dear Brenda: Yes--the summertime is really tough for a lot of pets. The heat can make pets very itchy and there are also a lot of allergens that can make them uncomfortable. Since you have already addressed your Golden Retriever's diet, then yes, definitely give some supplements a try. Here is what will help:

AllerEase--This product helps reduce the inflammatory process associated with environmental allergies. It is easy to administer and provides basic support. AllerEase contains two key ingredients known to help relieve allergy symptoms: Quercetin and Nettles. If your pet is very itchy and has any red spots, than it is best to use it in conjunction with Proaller and Notatum for best results.

Syallgen Cream and Pills--Backed by clinical research, this homeopathic formula helps stop itching and scratching. For some, it is the long answer they have finally waited for--relief from environmental allergies.

These products should really help. In addition, please feel free to email us with any questions at or join our pet forum on
Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two Abandoned Dogs Adopted Into One Loving Home

Suzie and Sadie "Dropped Off" at the Shelter---Now in a Loving Home Together--Suzie and Sadie were left at the shelter by someone who claimed they happened to find them independently. The OC Shelter saw the bond between the two dogs and it was obvious they had lived together prior to being suddenly discovered as stray dogs. Ariel Rescue saved them from the shelter and brought them to the veterin...arian for complete checkups. Sadie 2 year Maltese/poodle mix is on the left and Suzie 3 yr lhasa apso/poodle mix on the right. In this economy, it is extremely difficult to place one dog, let alone two together. The financial burdens, as you know, of owning two dogs can be difficult. Fortunately, a single mother and her daughter adopted them together. Here they are--a new happy family.

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