Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Bulldog is Eating Grass--Acid Stomach In Dogs

Q: My bulldog is eating a lot of grass in the morning. Sometimes he even throws up. What does this mean? Betsy

A: Some dogs like to eat a little bit of grass to graze as a treat. However, most of the time, when dogs are looking for grass to eat on a routine basis, it can be a sign of an acid stomach. This is especially true if the dog is eating the grass and then vomiting afterward. There are many reasons why a dog could have an acid stomach. It is important to have your bulldog evaluated by a veterinarian, especially if you have an older pet who is also inappetant.

One primary reason for grass eating however is the food you are feeding. Could be your bulldog is not digesting the food properly because it contains grains such as wheat and corn or your bulldog could be allergic to the meat proteins such as chicken. A lot of bulldogs have allergies and the problems start in the digestive tract. First and foremost, give your bulldog some digestive support by using a digestive enzyme and probiotic. We recommend Soothing Digestive Relief and Power Probiotic. These products will help breakdown the food in your bulldog's tummy, provide necessary flora to help with overall digestion and provide soothing pain relief. In addition, you can try an acid reducer such as Gastro ULC.

Be sure you are feeding your bulldog at least 2x a day and if possible, try to do a small snack at bedtime as well as mid-day. You can use the digestive formulas every time your dog eats to help breakdown the food and enhance digestion. By feeding regular mealas, it helps to reduce acid buildup which can cause a lot of discomfort. Be sure to avoid treats that might cause acid stomach such as chicken jerky treats or dog biscuits, especially if your dog has any itching or scratching.
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