Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Myths About Your Pet's Prescription Diet

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  1. when your veterinarian recommends a prescription diet for your pet, it is because your pet has a health condition that requires dietary modification. Your veterinarian has your pet’s best interest in mind and is trying to help you take better care of your pet.
    I disagree. Most veterinarians sell these diets to augment their revenues without really knowing very much about nutrition.

    What is a pet prescription diet? A prescription diet is a commercially prepared food scientifically formulated to address a specific health condition.
    I also disagree with this. Most "prescription" diets have inferior quality ingredients including slaughterhouse by products of indeterminate origin- such as 4d animals-dead diseased, dying and disabled, road kill, animals euthanized and send to be rendered.These "prescription diets also include sawdust, peanut hulls and incredibly corn and wheat gluten in their diet for allergic animals.
    An excellent article on this subject is Sabine Contreas Science Diet Scam.