Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seizures in Dogs Can Be Controlled with Holistic Treatments, Changing Diet and Using Natural Supplements

Special Milestone for Legend our 3 year old Husky Dog who was having seizures.--Today is exactly 3 months since Legend last had a seizure. This is extremely exciting for us since he is not using any medication---just supplements and a very strict diet. Legend is a rescue dog who is approx. 3 years old. He started getting seizures in December 2010. They were between 2 -6 weeks apart. We were able to lengthen the time periods between seizures by changing his diet and using some supplements but finally, when we put it all together, there is clearly now a very noticeable improvement.

The supplements we are using to help prevent seizures are the Neuroflam, B Complex #12, Amazing Omegas, Liver Rescue, Power Probiotic, Oxicell, Biothyro and Brain Vitale---yes it is a lot, but as we added more, we found the length of time between seizures has continued to improve. We feed him at the same times each day---4 small meals so that his blood sugar is regulated. Also, it is very important to note that even if a dog's thyroid levels appear "normal", just as with people, it is important to equally consider the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Lower thyroid levels can also trigger seizures and Legend had a dull coat and slow metabolism. The Biothyro seemed to help that a lot.

When a dog has a seizure, it is extremely upsetting. The first time, I found out because Legend was outside barking in an odd tone. He always plays on the grass so when I saw him initially, I didn't think anything of it as he was moving around. But, then when I approached him, he had a far away look in his eyes, clearly didn't recognize me and was frothing at the mouth. He started to bark aggressively and I was frightened. I then realized that his "playing on his back" and leg movements were part of the seizure. He was extremely agitated for at least an hour following the seizure and we rushed him to the veterinarian. Everything went back to normal until the next time......watching a pet paddling on the ground going into a grand mal seizure is devastating. Each time, we kept asking ourselves "what had we fed him" "what happened the day before" and yes, there were clues. Definitely dogs that have seizures need to be on a strict regimen with a hypoallergenic diet, regular feeding schedules and supplements to support their brain function. We wanted to try a natural holistic treatment for our dog's seizures before resorting to medications because the side effects can be problematic. Also, we viewed the seizures as an imbalance and symptom that needed to be treated rather than just a random problem in and of itself. Thus, we realized that in order to help Legend, we needed to get to the root causes of his imbalance using holistic treatments.

Scheduling an appointment with a veterinary professional to review your pet's diet is highly recommended. It can make a huge difference. We are so grateful for every day that he has been healthy. It has been a long journey!