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Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats (IBD)

"Our cat Tipper had feline IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease and while we tried many different foods, supplements and medications, he still did not have a formed stool. About a month using the diet Ask Ariel suggested along with the IBD Kit, Tipper started having normal bowel movements and has been normal ever since. My husband and I want to thank you and the staff at Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist very much for your advice and your products which have worked, what we consider to be a miracle in the life of our cat. I can imagine you are also very gratified when people like us let you know how your efforts to help us have resulted in a life for us and our cat." -
Fennema Family Michigan 

Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a diagnoses used for a variety of intestinal disorders found in cats. The disorders are characterized by an abnormal accumulation of inflammatory cells in the lining of the intestine. Your veterinarian may have diagnosed feline IBD after obtaining a biopsy which shows an abnormal accumulation of inflammatory cells. Other causes of inflammation such as parasites, bacterial or viral infections, exposure to toxic substances and pancreatic causes of small bowel disorders would have been ruled out. Signs that your cat may have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) include chronic diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea (licking of lips) and gurgling noises in the intestine. The vomit may contain bile or hairballs. There may be mucus, blood and straining with bowel movements and fecal matter outside the litter box.

Holistic Treatments for Cats with IBD
By the time many cat owners find out their cat has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), they are usually frustrated from trying a variety of "prescription diets", medications and treatments with limited success.  Conventional treatments for feline IBD may include prescribed steroids such as prednisone as a last resort to control the IBD symptoms. Conventional veterinary care is very limited in the level of care and results that can be accomplished with cats that have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). However, natural treatments for feline IBD which include a change in diet and using supplements specifically for IBD such as the IBD Kit can change a pet's life.

These supplements have been successfully used in veterinary hospitals successfully to treat feline IBD:

Power Probiotic--it is important to use a multi-strain, powerful Probiotic that has been used extensively with cats that have IBD. Most probiotics are not manufactured in such a way so that they can survive the stomach acid, let alone a hot day.  We recommend the Power Probiotic which is easy to administer, very effective and well tolerated by cats and dogs. The product has been third-party tested and guaranteed to contain the amounts of friendly bacteria indicated on the label.

Soothing Digestive Relief for Pets is a digestive enzymes that breaks down a cat's food, firms up the stool and helps increase absorption.  It is a gentle formula that has helped thousands of cat and kitten owners to finally stop the diarrhea, discomfort and slowly discontinue the steroid regimen that many cats with IBD are on.  It contains herbs to ease indigestion and discomfort and the product is safe enough for a cat to use it for life.

Notatum Drops - These gentle drops are safe for even the smallest pet or kitten.  The drops reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract and act like a natural "antibiotic".   The drops are tasteless and do not contain alcohol making them very easy to administer.  They seem to relieve pain and discomfort quickly.   There are a lot of testimonials about the formula.

IBD Kit--This kit includes the 3 unique formulas mentioned above that have been specially formulated for IBD and  used successfully to help cats with inflammatory bowel disease.  The Kit includes Power Probiotic, Soothing Digestive Relief and Notatum Anti-Inflammatory Drops. When a cat has severe IBD, it is necessary to use a combination of formulas because they work differently to help reduce the symptoms and repair the intestinal lining.  We have seen many cats improve using these three formulas together.

In addition to the supplements, some diet changes are needed.  Cats with IBD should not eat grains which are often found in prescription diets.  They may also have food allergies.  Ask Ariel will include a diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your order.  Be sure to include your cat's diet on the order form at checkout.   Overall, there is hope and help available for cats with feline inflammatory bowel disease. Holistic care can make a difference and give your cat a whole new life.

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  1. How do I get wet diarhea off my cats but and back legs. She has lost a lot of weight and is very frail

  2. How do I get wet diarhea off my cats back legs. She's very frail

  3. Since my cat was long haired, I ended up cutting the waste off (not a job for one person), then using a baby wipe followed with a wet towel. My cat was anxious to clean herself after these episodes. I'm not sure what is in baby wipes, that is why I tried to wipe that solution off. Pet wipes may be available. I have also set the cat in a shallow basin of warm water, but water & cats don't mix. Good luck with your baby.

  4. I use baby wipes. They are wet enough to remove the diarrhea without soaking the cat's fur.

  5. I use baby wipes to remove diarrhea from my cat's feet. They are wet enough to clean the diarrhea without soaking the cat's hair.

  6. I use baby wipes for my cat. They are wet enough to remove the diarrhea without soaking the cat's fur.

  7. I use baby wipes for my cat. They are wet enough to remove the diarrhea without soaking the cat’s fur.

  8. My kitten has a large ball like growth on the lower left stomach . It's about the size of a golf ball . What is this please ?

    Thank you