Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dog Dandruff: Use fish oil to stop your dog's flaking skin

Dog dandruff is never cute, especially when the dry, flakey skin is getting all over your house and clothes. A dog's skin is a reflection of what is going on the inside, and many times when a dog's skin is flaking (dog dandruff), pet owners think the dog needs topical lotions or creams. While  a topical cream rinse might temporarily  reduce the dog dandruff, most likely more will flake off by the next day.  Topical treatments and cream rinses are not the answer for dog dandruff!

Dog dandruff needs to be resolved internally. Many times, the dog has dandruff due to allergies, constant scratching and itching. The dog's coat is dry because the diet does not contain enough essential fatty acids e.g. Omega 3 fatty acids. Perhaps you have heard them referred to as Omega 3s. There are different types of Omega 3s available for pets and you need to be very careful.  It's essential for any pet with dog dandruff or flaking skin to use Amazing Omegas to get the problem under control.  This oil is recommended by veterinarians,  sold at veterinary hospitals and is backed by scientific research.  Many times pet owners think they are buying the "best" but getting very little for their money. Fish oil, especially in pet products can be heavily diluted with water when it is manufactured or it can be altered significantly in the manufacturing process. In addition, fish oil  can contain a lot of contaminants, PCBs, toxins such as mercury.

 There are a few criteria to know if the Omega 3s or Fish Oil you are using are really as good as it claims to be:

  1. First, if the oil makes  your pet belch or act sick after eating, chances are it is the contaminants in the product. A purified fish oil should not give you that continual, nasty aftertaste. It should go down and stay down!

  2. Second, you should notice a very quick improvement in your pet's coat, skin and fur. Amazing Omegas is an exceptional product that works very quickly. In just a few days the pet's dry skin and coat will start to improve, eliminating the dog dandruff problem. Amazing Omegas contains the purest, most potent fish oil available. Because it is so pure, it is highly bioavailable to your dog and cat. Bioavailabe means that your pet's body is easily able to absorb it. Sometimes pet owners will complain that they are using fish oil but their pet continues to have a dull coat or flaky skin. This is most likely due to the fact that the oil is not a high enough quality. Buyer beware--there is huge variation in fish oils.

Finally, dog skin flaking (dog dandruff) can also be due to a number of other factors such as endocrine diseases (e.g. hypothyroidism), yeast overgrowth, allergies and parasites.  It's important to see your veterinarian to determine all of the reasons why your pet might have dandruff.  Typically, if the pet has allergies using Power Probiotic and AllerEaze along with the Amazing Omegas can relieve the scratching, itching and allergy symptoms associated with dog dandruff.   Using a grain-free hypoallergenic, grain-free diet along with Amazing Omegas will also help dog dandruff.

For more information about dog dandruff and to learn more about food allergies, visit AskAriel.com