Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dog arthritis: Get pain relief now!

Our dog Bleu is 5 years old and very active. Recently, we noticed he was really slowing down, seemed stiff and overall less agile. He stopped jumping on our bed and seemed to be much less spry. He also had an episode where he was crying out about his neck following a day of playing with his friends. We gave Bleu the Dog Arthritis Package. What a difference in energy. Our bouncy boy Bleu is back! We hope your pet will show the bounce and energy that we have experienced."

Many dogs start slowing down with age, limping or showing signs of difficulty getting up and down. The effects can come on gradually and it is sometimes difficult to recognize until the problem becomes very obvious. It is important that you take your pet to the veterinarian for an examination. Quite commonly, your dog may be diagnosed with arthritis if the problem has come on gradually with age. In an effort to promote quality of life and keep the dog comfortable, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) will often be prescribed. Examples are Rimadyl, Metacam and Deramaxx to name a few. While these medications are helpful for chronic pain management, they do have side effects especially affecting the liver. This is why your veterinarian will often recommend that if your pet is using NSAIDs that your dog get a blood test every so often to check your dog's liver values. While NSAIDs can be very helpful and even critical for some pets that are in chronic pain, for most pets, there are natural alternatives that should be tried first and/or in conjunction with their use.

Sign up for a consultation with the experts. Give your pet pain relief now! We offer holistic consultations, supplements and chiropractic/acupuncture treatments to help pets with joint pain and canine arthritis. If you live in Southern California and your dog is showing signs of canine arthritis, please give us a call (949-499-9380) and set up a combination appointment with Susan Blake Davis, CCN and Dr. David Gordon, DVM. Consultations are also available via telephone if you live outside of Southern California. Click here to learn more about holistic pet health consultations.

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