Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stop Dog Ear Infections and Yeast

K9 Yeast Defense on Sale Through Friday June 3rd

Pets That May Benefit From K9 Yeast Defense

1) Pets with chronic ear infections or pets that chronically scratch at the ears

2) Pets that have taken multiple rounds of antibiotics or steroids for skin problems

3) Pets that chew and lick on the groin area and genitals excessively (and UTI has been ruled out via lab testing)

4) Pets with chronic itching and skin problems that have previously been diagnosed with yeast overgrowth

5) Pets that have a musty odor, even after bathing (this can also be due to bacterial overgrowth)

Yeast thrives in moist locations of the body (e.g. intestines, ears, genitals, etc) and moist climates, especially where there is a great deal of humidity. Often, when pets have allergies, chronic itching and skin problems, your veterinarian may diagnose both a bacterial overgrowth and yeast overgrowth. Antibiotics will address the bacterial overgrowth but can often lead to further yeast overgrowth. It is important after using antibiotics or steroids, to give your pet Power Probiotic to replace good bacteria as antibiotics kill off ALL bacteria--both good and bad. Please note that diets high in grains and carbohydrates can also promote yeast overgrowth. For optimal results, pets with yeast will respond best by using the Complete K9 Yeast Defense Package along with Notatum (natural anti-inflammatory and anti-infective) and Amazing Omegas.

Please note that some pets with the symptoms above may have a bacterial infection as well and so it is always best to check with your veterinarian.