Thursday, May 19, 2011

True Love in Arvada, Colorado

"Lucy" the Mother Goose came back to Arby's in Arvada, Colorado to raise her babies and landed in a flowerpot just outside the restaurant. (apparently she had come the year before too). She laid her eggs in the flowerpot and refused to move, keeping them warm in the cold. Her faithful mate "Daddy" stayed close by to guard and protect her. For weeks, Daddy stood outside of the restaurant squawking to and fro while Momma Lucy stayed in the flower pot. No matter how cold it got, with sometimes freezing temperatures and snow, Lucy stayed on her eggs and waited for the day for her chicks to be born.

On Tuesday, the eggs hatched and two beautiful chicks were born. They quickly learned to walk and followed Momma Lucy and Daddy across a MAJOR highway to get to the pond at the park across the street. Conditions were so dangerous for the little family, that the police arrived to direct traffic to ensure Momma Lucy, Daddy and the baby geese could safely cross the street. Nature sure can teach us a thing or two about the true meaning of dedication, faithfulness and family love!