Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Canine Ear Infections and Yeast

K9 Yeast Defense 60 capsules

Is your dog suffering from ear infections or yeast? K9 Yeast Defense can help!

We offer two antifungal formulas: K9 Yeast Defense and Mycozyme. Generally, we recommend using Mycozyme FIRST and then using the K9 Yeast Defense after you finish the Mycozyme. This is a gentler formula that works in a different way. Since yeast overgrowth is so difficult to eradicate, it is important that you rotate the formulas. This is also a good choice for small pets under 15 pounds and pets that only have a mild yeast problem.

What are the symptoms of yeast overgrowth in dogs? Typically dogs have chronic skin infections, redness, chewing on paws, ear infections and/or have been diagnosed with yeast infections in-between the toes, groin, ears or under armpits. Chronic UTIs can also be related to yeast. If your veterinarian has ever diagnosed yeast before or your pet has taken prednisone and/or antibiotics, this can also be a sign that your pet has a yeast overgrowth. However, many times pets have BOTH a yeast overgrowth and a bacterial overgrowth. Thus, you need to use both an anti-fungal AND an antibacterial product such as Argentyn and/or our anti-infection formula. The K9 Yeast Defense must be taken with the Probiotic. The K9 Yeast Defense kills the yeast overgrowth but the Probiotic helps to restore the good healthy bacteria that are needed to sustain a healthy flora.

Special Note About Ear Infections

When pets have chronic ear infections, there is usually an underlying allergy problem. Generally, the pet is allergic to the food you are feeding. A consultation with Susan Davis, CCN will help you stop the cycle of ear infections, antibiotics, yeast. She will help you find just the right allergy protocol for your pet including a new diet and the right supplements to rotate so that your pet can get free of these infections at last!!! Even though the yeast is present on the surface of the ear, the problem is rooted inside internally in the intestinal tract. There is an imbalance of flora and thus it is very common to find pets that have chronic yeast infections in the ears to also have skin problems, gastric issues, loose stool, etc. This product, along with the Probiotic and Argentyn will really help your pet get on the road to health.Easy to use--just sprinkle in your pets food. Please note: Most pets that have yeast have bacterial overgrowth too and have been put on antibiotics only to develop yeast. If you just use the K9 Yeast Defense without addressing the bacterial overgrowth, the pet will be out of balance. Using Notatum supports your pet's immune health during and after the use of antbiotics and when combined with the yeast formulas, helps rebalance your pet's entire immune system. It is possible if you use only antifungals, for the pet to then get a bacterial infection. Please order the Complete Package along with Notatum for best results!

Antifungal products such as the K9 Yeast Defense ($20) need to be used in conjunction with the Probiotic ($27.95). The Probiotic restores the natural flora and good bacteria while the K9 Yeast Defense kills the yeast. For best results, we highly recommend getting the complete yeast package that includes Notatum and is at a discounted package price.

Complete Yeast Package Including Notatum: Discounted Price $69 (regular retail for 3 items: $75.95)

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