Monday, April 25, 2011

Warning: Use Caution With Pets and Children When using Hormone Creams

We are always told to be careful to keep our children and pets away from our medications. Just want to issue a special reminder that pets and children can be at significant risk if accidentally exposed to hormone creams. Prescriptions for topical hormone creams, especially estrogen and progesterone have increased dramatically in the past few years. While they may offer benefits for the patient, they can be harmful if transferred accidentally to a pet, child or partner. The creams are often applied to the inner wrist or inner elbows. When your pets and children come in contact with your arms, the hormones are inadvertently transferred to the child or pet. This is dangerous and it is extremely important for anyone using these creams to be very, very cautious.

Symptoms in pets that can appear: changes in the appearance of their genitals, swollen mammary glands, fur loss, breat development and more serious endocrine disorders can develop.

Symptoms in children: small amounts of estrogen can block normal development of male characteristics and stimulate breast growth in boys and for girls can stilulate early puberty and menstruation

You can avoid exposing your children and pets to hormone creams by using the following precautions:

1) If applying a cream, use a disposable glove. Even trace amounts can remain on your hands after handwashing.

2) Apply to the same area so you know where the hormone cream is and can avoid exposure.

3) Keep pets and children away from the room if you are spraying mists such as Evamist

4) Keep the area where the hormone cream was applied covered with clothing

5) If you use Estrace vaginal cream, be sure to ask your doctor about when it is safe to engage in sexual intercourse as exposure within applying a few hours might expose your partner

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